The Government Is Housing U.S. “Refugees” At Montreal’s Olympic Stadium

Meanwhile, Montreal’s homeless population is over 3,000

Due to the continuing surge of “asylum-seekers” from the United States, Montreal’s Olympic stadium is being set up as a temporary housing area.

According to a report, “Between 100 and 450 beds will be set up for asylum seekers at the Olympic Stadium.”

Of course, this is happening because the Trudeau government refuses to respect the integrity of the Canadian border, and refuses to enforce the laws. In just the first six months of this year, 3,350 people have illegally crossed into Quebec. As a result, resources are being pushed far past their limit.

Clearly, someone coming from the United States – a free and democratic country – is not a refugee. Yet, the Trudeau government – led by Trudeau’s virtue-signalling tweet – is addicted to the fawning headlines they get in the globalist press when they ignore Canada’s laws.

What about Montreal’s homeless population?

It’s essential to point out that the homeless population in Montreal was reported to be 3,016 in the last major survey – of whom 44 percent were born in Montreal, 6 percent were Canadian Veterans, and 10% were Indigenous.

Why has the stadium not been opened for them?

Why did the government not put our own homeless citizens first?

Why is it that Canadians seem to be an afterthought in the eyes of those in power?

All of these questions must be asked and answered. The ongoing spectacle of seeing the government fall all over themselves to fix the problems of non-citizens, while ignoring the needs of Canadians is an absolute disgrace, and it needs to stop.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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You mean to tell me not one liberal justin love in reporters can each accept a few of justin’s illegals into their homes while canadian born homeless use the Olympic facility?


More and more this country is becoming unrecognizable. And agreed Jen: Trudeau’s sycophantic reporters cannot bother to take one in?

I thought they were the ones who were to teach us plebs what to do

Maureen Henderson

Totally insane, why are we putting up with his craziness, he has to go.


We really have to think twice about what’s happening. Our PM by the name of Trudeau is telling foreigners to break the laws in our country. To me it demonstrates that the current PM is unable to hold his office since he promotes chaos and lawlessness. We have to be EXTREMELY worried that Canada might be taken over by some malevolent groups with the assistance of Trudeau. We might be forced to ask for Trump assistance.


I hope the people that voted this in are proud of themselves. Daddy 2.0. It will take generations to recover.

Sandra Clark

Pretty soon they are going to start demanding their “own” separate homes and the low income housing corporations will be bumping Canadian Citizen’s off of the low income housing list in order to accommodate the new immigrants. Right now the list is long and some people have been on the list for many years waiting for affordable housing. Yes, the Government will do this, because they have already done it, before. These new immigrants are not going to be happy living in a stadium, on cots, crowded with strangers next to them, with no privacy. Trudeau stood up and announced… Read more »

Louis Joannette

We will have to push them back to Ottawa .at Trudeau house. or else.