The Canadian Government Must Protect Citizens Data In NAFTA Talks

Maintaining local control over our data is essential.

A new report says the personal info of Canadians could be an issue in upcoming NAFTA negotiations.

As noted by the Canadian Press, “The United States has served notice it wants an end to measures that restrict cross-border data flows, or require the use or installation of local computing facilities.”

Additionally, “Privacy advocates say that means trouble for Canada’s ability to shield sensitive information such as health or financial data from the prying eyes of foreign agencies by storing it in computer servers on Canadian soil. The U.S. proposal runs counter to public-sector privacy laws in British Columbia and Nova Scotia that require domestic data storage.”

Current Canadian legislation states that data on Canadians held by the government will always be held in servers within Canada’s borders.

It is essential that such legislation remains in place, and Canada must not compromise on the protection of our data.

Data is an increasingly valuable resource, and it’s well known that globalist corporations will do anything they can to break down whatever protections national governments may have in place for their citizens. This is an area where governments and citizens must push back, and refuse to allow our data to be sold off to the highest bidder.

It should be obvious that there is a huge difference between trade of tangible products between Canada and the United States, and the trade of data on Canadian citizens.

This obsession with trading everything – including the tiniest bits of consumer and citizen data – is getting far out of hand. We should be wary of the fact that global banks and corporations are constantly trying to get us to share all of our data around the world. For them, it’s all about profits at our expense.

The danger of so-called “free trade”

This is where we can see the danger of the “free trade” rhetoric we hear so often. Many times, that “free trade” is only free for global companies, while citizens lose the power to protect our information or industries. That danger must not be ignored, and the government must take a hard line protecting our data, and the right of Canadians to set the laws surrounding that data.

Spencer Fernando


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