Why Hasn’t Trudeau Invited Illegal Border Crossers To Live With Him?

Or is it just “regular people” who have to face the consequences of government policy?

Justin Trudeau thinks it’s okay for people to break Canada’s laws.

He thinks our borders should be seen as a joke, with people deliberately getting arrested so they can make their way into the country.

And he thinks our border communities and support organizations should be left to deal with a massive surge of illegal crossings because he decided to tweet.

So, why doesn’t Justin Trudeau put his money where his mouth is? Why doesn’t he invite some illegal border crossers to live with him and his family?

You know that would send an amazing message that he’s willing to practice what he preaches. Otherwise, it seems that he thinks he should be exempt from the impact of the situation he has created.

Of course, we know that Trudeau won’t do this.

Like other elitists, he wants to get attention for being “open” and “inclusive,” without actually being impacted in anyway by that “openness” when it’s applied to our border.

Just like the celebrities who preach open borders while living in heavily secured compounds in gated and walled-off communities, Trudeau is all appearances, no action.

So, all we get is talk, talk, and more talk, from Trudeau, while Canadians have to deal with a rising tide of illegal crossings into Canada.

We know that this is one of the most serious flaws in our corrupt and broken political system: Those who make the policies don’t feel any impact from them. When that happens, it’s just a big theoretical game for them. They shut down an industry and throw thousands of workers out of their jobs, but it’s nobody they know. They raise taxes on people who can barely afford it, but the elites are rich, so why do they care? They invite people to break our laws and illegally cross our borders, but they’ll just get all the credit in the foreign press while leaving the tough details to others.

It’s a total betrayal of those who actually built our country, and it’s only getting worse under Trudeau.

Canada has incredible potential, but that potential can only be reached when we have leaders who are impacted by the same policies they impose on others, and who are willing to stand up for Canadian citizens above all other concerns. Unless we see Trudeau invite some illegal border crossers into his home, it remains clear that he has no capability or willingness to practice what he preaches.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Hypocrisy: It knows no bounds when it comes to Elitist scum.


As hypocritical as Al Gore !!!


That’s right and he has an empty mansion on Des Pins avenue in Montreal (Westmount) . He could have a few illegals as guests there!