Legal Fight Against Canadian Arms Sales To Saudi Arabia

A University of Montreal professor is planning to renew his legal challenge to the sale of Canadian-made armoured vehicles to Saudi Arabia.

In January, Daniel Turp’s effort to stop the $15 billion sale of armoured vehicles (which can be fitted with weapons) was rejected.

The rejection took place in part because the Federal Court said Turp couldn’t provide evidence the Canadian-made vehicles could be used against Saudi Arabia’s civilian population.

However, the recent use of Canadian-made armoured vehicles in the brutal crackdown on civilians in Saudi Arabia’s Eastern Province has vindicated all of those who – like Turp – warned about what would happen if we sold weapons to the brutal Saudi regime.

Now, Turp believes his legal effort to block the sale should be successful, because there is photo and video evidence of Canadian-made armoured vehicles being used in a way that would violate Canadian arms export rules.

As a result, Turp says he will renew his fight in Federal Court unless the Trudeau government takes action to block the sale of more armoured vehicles to the brutal Saudi state.

Of course, while Canadian arms export restrictions should have blocked the sale to Saudi Arabia in the first place, successive governments have allowed cowardly greed to override their defence of Canadian values.

It would be great if Turp’s effort to block future Canadian arms exports to Saudi Arabia worked. It’s absolutely sickening that Canada is helping build up the power of Saudi Arabia’s oppressive government, and it needs to stop.

Spencer Fernando

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