Trudeau Refuses To Say Illegal Border Crossings Should Stop

As resources are strained due to a massive surge of illegal border crossings, Justin Trudeau is facing increasing criticism for not doing anything to reduce the influx.

While at an event in Ontario, reporters tried to ask Trudeau if he thought the illegal border crossings should stop.

He ignored the question.

Watch the video below:

Later on, Trudeau was given another chance to say the illegal crossings should stop.

As you can predict, he refused.

Instead, he said “We want migration to Canada to be done in an orderly fashion; there’s border checkpoints and border controls that we need to make sure are respected. The people coming now irregularly will still have to go through all the proper processes.”

He added, “We are ensuring that the capacity to deal with these refugees is in place and our immigration system remains strong and robust.”

Of course, he didn’t actually answer the question. He refuses to say the illegal border crossings should stop, and when he refers to illegal migrants as “refugees” he misses the fact that someone can’t truly be a refugee from the United States.

A link to Trudeau’s two-minute long non-answer is here

Encouraging disrespect for our borders

Trudeau may have used the word “respectful” when talking about border controls, but his refusal to say the crossings should end is itself disrespectful to our national border. By refusing to make a clear statement on ending illegal crossings, Trudeau is encouraging the crossings to continue.

Once again, he puts respect for Canada and our laws at the back of line.

Spencer Fernando


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