REPORT: Trudeau Government Was Warned In March About Possible Illegal Crossing Surge

It’s clear the government ignored the warning.

According to a new report, the Trudeau government received warning in March of this year that there could be a surge in illegal border crossers, and that the surge could cause serious problems.

The report was provided to immigration Minister Ahmed Hussen, and “noted the trends in illegal crossings were continuing “despite strong collaboration among Canadian agencies and with United States counterparts” and that a “major humanitarian or security event could create an urgent need to revisit existing policies.”‘

Certainly, the lack of resources to deal with a surge would be among the problems the warning would have addressed.

Hussen downplays the issue

Despite news that the government had substantial warning of a potential problem and failed to prepare for it, Hussen tried to downplay the surge in illegal crossings. In an interview, Hussen said the crossings weren’t a “mass arrival,” and would not require a policy change.

Of course, Hussen is wrong. He’s playing political games, trying to divert attention from the fact that Justin Trudeau’s tweets and statements have led to the surge in crossings.

If there was no problem, and no “mass arrival,” why are people being housed in the Olympic Stadium?

Consequences of Trudeau’s statements

Instead of making a clear statement that the crossings should stop, Trudeau is instead seeking more international praise for himself. As I’ve pointed out, he won’t be accepting any illegal border crossers to live with him, instead he’ll leave the details and the consequences to others.

And those consequences are already clear. Consider the example of the crossing near Lacolle, Quebec, where many illegal migrants are sleeping outside, food is said to be limited, and some are sleeping on cardboard. That is an obvious sign that the government was caught completely off-guard, and clear evidence that they ignored the warnings they were given March.

Somehow, the Trudeau government has managed to simultaneously create the conditions for a massive flow of illegal migrants, while being unprepared for it.


Serious costs to Canada

By sending a message that Canada won’t stop people from crossing illegally, the Trudeau government is leading to massive potential costs to taxpayers. And despite Trudeau’s efforts to obscure the issue, we know there is a huge difference between the initial and long-term economic impact of those who enter the country legally through the proper channels, and those who enter illegally.

Canada selects most immigrants on the basis of economic factors. Illegal migrants are not selected, they are forcing themselves into the country without Canada getting a say in it. Not only is it disrespectful to those who are waiting in line to join Canada the legal way, but it could cost our country billions of dollars.

At this point, some will say that it’s “mean” to mention costs.

However, it’s simply a fact that our country has limited resources. And it is also a fact that any money spent on those who entered Canada illegally is money that can’t be spent to help those who are Canadian citizens.

If there was some magical source of infinite money and resources then we could help everybody. But since that source doesn’t exist, we have to make choices and prioritize. And the top priority must always be Canadian citizens.

The fact that the Trudeau government doesn’t recognize that is a clear sign that they aren’t working for Canadians, and don’t have our best interests at heart.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Ted Tilden

two larger surges to come as more citizens from Central American countries have deadlines set for leaving the US and either returning to their native lands or going to other countries

Marlene Stobbart

It is readily apparent that Trudeau hs his own agenda and that is opposite of Harper’s desire to keep Canada intact. Quebec’s border is the gateway for all .I doubt the French Canadians are happy with what is happening to their towns and cities. But, JT doesn’t answer to the Canadian people, or does he?


Why does this OPEN HOUSE and WELCOME ALL policy seem to too many to be so ” nice ” ??? cause when those who condone it are not visibly , directly and immediately impacted, they lack the head brain to analyze …the result : leave it to the next generation, to ” others ” to take care of it and suffer the consequences of such a common sense truth ….cause we think ” nice “, so we are “nice” —– charity begins at home …but lamebrains like the one who is leading this country just revel in the apparent “niceness… Read more »


“The fact that the Trudeau government doesn’t recognize that is a clear sign that they aren’t working for Canadians, and don’t have our best interests at heart.”

What I’m wondering is who/what he IS working for. Is he the puppet of his own misguided globalist idealism or is he the puppet of some countries or people with very deep pockets? He certainly isn’t doing things like paying out Khadr in order to be popular.