BETRAYAL: Trudeau Lets Illegal Crossers Enter Canada, While Giving U.S. Power To Detain Canadians In Our Own Country

In what is a massively hypocritical betrayal of Canadian sovereignty and the right of Canadian citizens, the Trudeau government is trying to push border pre-clearance changes that would give U.S. border agents the power to detain Canadians on Canadian soil, even as Trudeau encourages illegal migrants from the U.S. to enter our country.

This hypocrisy is yet another disturbing example of Trudeau’s willingness to betray Canadians – while giving beneficial treatment to those who break our laws and aren’t even citizens of our nation.

The border pre-clearance changes are meant to “speed up” travel to the United States, but they amount to a huge loss of Canadian sovereignty. Even though the U.S. is a close ally, it is outrageous that Trudeau would give them the power to detain our own citizens within our country. Only Canadian law should ever prevail on Canadian soil.

And for those who would say that it’s no big deal since Canadian border agents might get the same power in the U.S., that doesn’t make it better at all. It’s not right for Americans to be detained on American soil by border guards from another country either.

As you can imagine, Canadians have been ripping into the Trudeau government for this move, as revealed in a recent report. Here was some of the response:

“I have been a dyed-in-the-wool Liberal, but you lose my support if you pass this bill,” wrote one person from Burlington, Ont., on Feb. 12.

The same morning, a Coquitlam, B.C., resident warned that after reading about the bill, they now “regretted any financial or political support I’ve ever given the federal Liberal Party in the past, and have resolved, until I see this one modified to prevent detentions of Canadians or permanent residents, never to support your party again.”

“I have voted Liberal all my life but will do evering (sic) to bring this government down if this bill is passed or any version of it,” wrote another.

This anger is 100% justified. Previously, if a Canadian was going through U.S. Customs pre-clearance, they had the right to decide not to try and enter the U.S., and simply go back. After all, still being in Canada, they had the right to leave Customs and move freely within our country.

Now, the Trudeau government is taking that right away, meaning Canadians can be detained by U.S. border agents – even though they are still in Canada.

So, we have the massive hypocrisy of the Trudeau government taking away the rights of Canadian citizens within our own country, while inviting illegal border crossers from the United States to enter our country in violation of our laws.

This is globalism

This is the consequence of globalist thinking. While globalism gets sold to us as being about “inclusion,” it’s really about destroying national sovereignty, weakening the nation state, and concentrating all power in the hands of a small elite. That’s why Canadian citizenship is being systematically stripped of it’s meaning by the Trudeau government, as we lose rights and freedoms, while those who break our laws get rewarded.

And we’re just talking about America now. As odious as this is, the U.S. is a democratic country governed by the rule of law. But imagine when Trudeau pushes for similar deals with China and other authoritarian countries. The globalist ideology won’t stop until they’ve fully crushed all of our rights.

This is part of an orchestrated plan to take away any power we have to control the direction of our nation and have a say in our future. Bit by bit, our freedoms and sovereignty are being taken, and we must speak out against it and defeat globalist elites like Justin Trudeau before it’s too late.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Steve Pyke

You report which is appreciated but never what’s being done!


Notice that Abu Ben T is hiding in BC, kayaking and ruining a wedding celebration while his invited illegals in Quebec are living in the Olympic Stadium. Sure seems like this was prearranged with the human smuggling gangs in the States. This could not have been a coincidence. RE: Americans arresting Canadians in Canada – Of course Turd would let Americans violate Canadian sovereignty. He doesn’t believe in the concept of Canada anyway. Wait to see what will happen if the Turd sells Canadian airports to his Chinese donors. Canadians and non-Liberals will quietly disappear, arrested by the Chinese “Security… Read more »


Trudeau has turned our world upside down with inconsistent and irresponsible actions at all levels. He is responsible for our loss of sovereignty, illegal immigration, selling Canada to China, and the worst of all trying to destroy of freedom. We will not sit back and wait. We will protest more and more, choosing every opportunity to decry this traitor government.


I voted for Trudeau and come 2019 I’m voting against him, He is Not the Prime Minister he said he would be, All these welfare for Syrians he allows into our country and all the illegals he allows in from the USA, in 60-80 years we will see how he Changed Canada from a West Minister Law of the Land to a Islamic Nation, Canada was once a free Nation, Now Trudeau even has FaceBook police that arrest people for saying things in text, really He needs to Go, His party should have a leadership vote and change leaders ASAP,… Read more »


Yet lefties have no problem with turning our country into a globalist UN run stink hole or flooding our country with illegals and un-vetted folks that generally do not embrace our culture, or assimilate and integrate, not to mention the loss of our national identity culture and freedom. But the sky will surely fall if an American agent gets the authority to detain a Canadian in Canadian soil.. I’d rather see that happen, than what’s happening to our country under this government! The hyoocracy of the left it seems, knows no bounds..

Taylor White

Trudeau has got to go!!! He cares more about all the immigrants and refugees than he does his own fellow Canadians. He will grant every asylum seeker permanent residency and the burden of this will take Canada down like a sinking boat . He has quoted that Canada is more for the immigrants illegal or not than Canadians!??? Seriously??
Exactly why I did not vote for him!!!! I could see this coming .


Being detained by US boarder control agents WITHIN Canada has been going on since at least 2013. August 2013, I was DETAINED after US boarder agents in the Calgary Int’l airport didn’t like how I answered their “rapid fire” questions. I was “suspicious” and detained for further investigation before my flight to Seoul which had a connection in Seattle. I was released and made my flight about 2 minutes before they closed the airplane door! Now that I’m probably “on the list” in the USA, and because of that experience, I regularly promote a FULL TRAVEL BOYCOTT of the USA.… Read more »