WATCH: MP Mike Lake & Son Jaden’s Amazing TEDx Talk On Autism

An inspirational & important message.

Member of Parliament Mike Lake and his family have become an inspiration to many people around the world for their advocacy and sharing their story of life with their son Jaden, who has autism.

On April 22, Mike and Jaden gave a presentation at TEDxYorkUSalon AutismInnovations in Toronto. Watch the inspirational and informative talk below:

The Lake’s have become inspirational to many for bringing more attention and awareness to autism, and many are seeing the need for more support. And yet, the Trudeau government has refused to help.

As I reported in June, the Conservatives, NDP, and Greens condemned the Trudeau Liberals for rejecting a plan for a “Canadian autism partnership, an arm’s length body that would advise provinces and territories on programs and services for people with the disorder.” 

“In May the Liberals voted down a private member’s motion, tabled by Conservative MP Mike Lake, that called on the government to fund the partnership.”

As Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer said, “Many Canadian families are forced to mortgage their homes to pay for early intervention programs and more than 80 per cent of adults with autism struggle to find meaningful work. When will the prime minister finally listen to these Canadians and reverse his cold-hearted decision to reject the Canadian autism partnership?”

While the Trudeau government gives away billions to foreign governments, they are ignoring the inspirational and important message of those like Mike Lake who are seeking more help for those with autism.

Help share Mike and Jaden’s inspirational message, and call on the Canadian government to do the right thing and fund the Canadian autism partnership.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube