North Korea Vows “Thousands-Fold” Revenge After Sanctions

After being hit with UN sanctions that could cut their export revenue by 33%, North Korea says they will take “Thousands-fold” revenge against the United States.

In a statement, the propaganda arm of North Korea – the Korean Central News Agency said, “We are ready to retaliate with far bigger actions to make the U.S. pay a price for its crime against our country and people.”

It should be noted that North Korea regularly makes extreme threats against the United States and the West whenever the country is sanctioned or their nuclear program is criticized.

Criticism from China

Despite the rare agreement on sanctions, the newspaper of the Chinese Communist Party – the People’s Daily – criticized the sanctions and the United States.

 “Sanctions to the greatest possible extent must avoid causing negative impacts to ordinary people and to third countries, and avoid bringing disaster to the country in question’s normal and legal trade and business exchanges with the outside world, people’s normal lives and the humanitarian situation.”

The statement also ripped the U.S. for “moral arrogance over North Korea.”

China’s critiques aside, they are the North’s closest ally, and have been widely criticized for not doing enough to rein in North Korea. The materials and money that were integral to building North Korea’s nuclear program mostly passed into the country from China – something the Chinese government seeks to distract attention from.

Spencer Fernando