Amid Rising North Korea Threat, Canada Needs A Missile Defence System

We can hope for the best, but we must prepare for the worst.

The news that North Korea may now be able to put a miniaturized nuclear warhead in a long-range missile represents a disturbing escalation of the threat.

As you saw in the photo above, North Korea’s missile range now includes much of Canada, the United States, and Mexico. The majority of North America is within range.

While some may assume that North Korea would be targeting the United States, a missile that veered off trajectory or was hit but not destroyed could easily hit us here in Canada. Additionally, missile defences in Canada would help protect the United States, and even Mexico by expanding the overall range and strength of missile defence protections.

The government must act quickly

With North Korea’s missile program advancing rapidly, there is no time to waste. Canada should immediately coordinate with the U.S. to put missile defences in our country. However, we shouldn’t just be reliant on others in the long-term. Canada should begin our own missile defence program – helping to create jobs and technological advancement in our country – and strengthening our security for the future.

While it’s nice to hope for the best, we must prepare for the worst. There is no reason to believe that Canada is immune from destruction, violence, and war, and we must not assume otherwise. In a violent and dangerous world, we must have the power to defend ourselves.

Spencer Fernando

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Pete Black

What happened to NORAD? Isn’t it a little late to be talking about building our own missile defence system. It takes years to get anything done here. We are like sitting ducks and as usual we are at the mercy of American defence capability.
Our Prime Minister could go to NK and negotiate a peace agreement. What a joke that would be. As he is travelling over there the missiles will rain down on us.


”Canada should develop its own missile defence program” Your joking right Spencer ? Canada cant even buy a few aircraft or build some ships nor reverse a pipeline . Anyway Canada s PM doesnt ever see the world as dangerous . For all we know he has great admiration for N, Korea s mental dictator as he has demonstrated for Castro and Chinas dictators. Canadas Mascot PM could however seek some gratifying photos with KIm Jong in between discussions on diversity and feminisim. As usual we will leave the defenses up to the USA as we have done for the… Read more »

Bill simone

Basicslly responses to your email is correct..Canada leavesevery thing upbtovthe USA..Isuggested100s of 711 stores and UStroops on oursidectovstop terrorists launching from Canada intobthe Usa and their soldiers could have snacks. bill


Our own missile defence system? Give me a break! Canada will get nothing done, because we are the “nice guys” who are manipulated by the world.

The Americans see us as a buffer zone, while China sees us as fools.

We should have thought of building our own defence system long ago, and not rely on the Americans.

It’s too late for us Canadians; The destruction our PM and his goons have brought upon us means we are down the path to becoming Western Europe and Sweden.