Canada Should Just Buy The F-35 And Be Done With It

We need new fighter jets. Let’s just get it over with.

Canada has a vast territory to defend. Our current fighter jets are nearing the end of their operational lifespans. That means we need new fighter jets. Other countries are moving ahead with next-generation fighter jets, while Canada is falling behind.

The ongoing saga of the F-35 program has been a total embarrassment. The Harper government didn’t get it done, and the Trudeau government put things off even further – moving close to buying Boeing F-18 Super Hornets that might only last 12 years in service as a temporary solution while they delayed a full replacement purchase until possibly the 2030’s.

However, they even backtracked on that purchase – due to Boeing having a dispute with Trudeau’s bailed-out Bombardier buddies. The Super Hornet purchase was meant to fill the gap between ending lifespan of the current CF-18’s, and whatever next generation fighter Canada picked.

Through the ongoing purchase failure, that gap was left unfilled.

Now, Lockheed Martin has offered the F-35 as a replacement fighter jet – filling the gap as the government makes a decision on long-term fighters.

The deal would presumably be similar to the 18 total Super Hornets the Trudeau government was planning to purchase.

Yet, a better idea is for the government to just go ahead and make the full order (the government has said they would purchase 88 future jets in total – without describing what type they would buy).

After all, Canada has already invested in the F-35 program with our allies.

Of course, Trudeau has backed himself into a corner. As noted by the National Post, “But buying F-35 jets for the interim fighter aircraft program would potentially be embarrassing for the Liberals. During the election campaign, Justin Trudeau vowed his government would never buy the F-35. As prime minister, Trudeau later claimed the F-35 “does not work.”

Despite Trudeau’s “military expertise,” many of our allies are purchasing the F-35, and it has shown success in the skies. It’s not perfect, but it’s far better than what we have now, and time is running out to replace our fighter jets. And keep in mind, we’re talking about just 88 planes here. The idea that a wealthy and technologically advanced country like Canada can’t quickly buy 88 planes is absurd.

The Harper government should not have stopped the F-35 purchases, and Trudeau never should have campaigned against it. It’s time to correct those mistakes and get the deal done.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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