POLL: Trudeau Liberals Lead Conservatives By 8%

The Conservatives must focus on winning the support of working-class voters.

A new poll by Nanos Research finds the Trudeau Liberals lead the Scheer Conservatives by a margin similar to the 2015 election results.

Here’s the breakdown:

  • Liberals – 37.5%
  • Conservatives – 29.3%
  • NDP – 20.2%
  • Bloc – 6.4%
  • Greens – 5.4%

While the Liberals retain a lead, a look at the long-term trends in past Nanos polls show Trudeau and the Liberals steadily losing support. Additionally, supporting Trudeau is constantly pushed by the establishment media as the only acceptable choice, so Trudeau’s numbers may be lower than the media polls show.

That said, the Conservatives clearly have work to do.

While the conventional wisdom is that the Conservatives should seek to simply switch back those who went to the Liberals, it won’t quite be that simple. After all, the Conservatives got nearly as many votes in 2015 as they did in their 2011 win. What changed is the millions more who voted Liberal.

What hasn’t been discussed enough is the importance of winning working-class voters. The Liberals are increasingly the party of the corporate, legal, and banking elites. Those same elites have betrayed working class Canadians with higher taxes and regulations that kill jobs and destroy economic opportunity, while funneling even more money into the elitists’ pockets.

Andrew Scheer is off to a good start by opposing free trade with China, but he and his party will have to go further. The conventional wisdom that just acting more like Trudeau will beat Trudeau is not wise at all. It’s foolish – and it’s exactly what the elites want the Conservatives to think so they don’t start challenging the power structure that dominates Canada.

After all, millions of Canadians have been forgotten, and the working-class of our country has been totally screwed over. Becoming the party of both working-class and middle class Canadians will not only bring in new voters, it will also bring in voters from the NDP. There is more NDP-Conservative crossover vote potential than many think, and the Conservatives would be unwise to ignore that.

While top NDP leadership has abandoned working-class Canadians in favour of following the social justice warrior agenda, the NDP brand still has a residual link to those who used to stand up for Canadian jobs and working class Canadians.

The Conservatives can bring about a big change in the political landscape of our country by making a concerted effort to become the party of working-class Canadians.

With the media and establishment elites supporting him, Trudeau will not be easy to beat. A key part of stopping him and reversing his dangerous elitist agenda will require the building of a strong coalition of working-class and middle class Canadians – giving voice to those who have been forgotten in our country for far too long.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Andrew Scheer has to work harder across the country to get himself known, there are still people who have never heard of him and people need to know what he stands for so we have a chance to get rid of the Liberals!


Exactly. I read his bio and was impressed by all his accomplishments. He certainly is much more qualified politically than Trudeau Scheer actually had to work as a teen and young adult, unlike Trudeau who was born with a silver spoon up his butt and, handed a trust fund from Daddy Pierre. Therefore I’m pretty sure Andrew Scheer can relate to the working middle class person much better than Trudeau. A lot of people compare him to Harper, he s not even close to Harper, he is his own person. ILL be voting for him in 2019 and have never… Read more »

Elaine Teichgraber

How could anyone still vote for the Liberals after the disastrous, traitorous stunts Trudeau has pulled, is beyond me. I agree with Marie, Mr. Scheer has to get out there, go across Canada now, don’t wait, and get himself known and heard. His common sense principles and Canadian values are what people need to hear. Get with it, Andrew!


I saw a video of an interview on the street where the interviewer was asking people “who the conservative leader is”, none of the people had a clue who it was. Or the question was : ” who is the leader of the Opposition” . Again nobody had a clue and they could not care less. I am appalled that not a soul knew who Andrew Scheer is and that they know nothing about politics.


Give me a break. The conservative party is also the party of the corporate, legal, and banking elites.

Terry Black

That is pretty bad I don’t believe Canada is for me!


Back & Forth. Back and Forth….. I think NDP IS the best choice. The others have proved over and over that they don’t care what we want. Trudeau is gathering lots of followers if you know what I mean. NDP want to prove themselves so will stand behind what they say. Nice change !


NDP tax form:

How much did you make last year?

Send it in.

John Smith

NDP what a joke
If u are thinking of voting for them u better research what Saskatchewan was like under the NDP and then take a look at Alberta and now watch BC take a tumble.
If you like unemployment insurance just vote them in! And you will have a UI job waiting for you.


That 8% liberal lead comes with the help form the media. Nothing the liberals can do alone without the media help.

Dieter Kapelsky

Jen You hit the Nail on the Head…..

Ana Gomes

The Canadian Swamp is as much Treason as the American democrat sewage we have seen in action, spread by the MS Media, trying to destroy Democracy from the inside, by not accepting the result of an election won by another party, not allowing freedom of speech, using violence vandalism and fire in Berkley and in other places, showing their criminal stripes, killing under the influence of Bernie’s humanitarian barbarities… That is where Trudeau wants to get, if he can not copy the government of Venezuela first. And do not tell me that there are Canadians who will vote for the… Read more »