Trudeau Keeps Ozone Monitoring Cuts He Attacked Harper For

The daily dose of hypocrisy from the Trudeau government.

While Justin Trudeau was in opposition, he and the Liberals attacked the Harper government for reducing funding for ozone monitoring. At the time, the Harper government referred to the funding cuts as “consolidating.”

Trudeau, and current Science Minister Kirsty Duncan, were heavily critical of the government.

However, as pointed out by an article in the National Observer titled “Trudeau Liberals change their tune on ozone monitoring”, the Trudeau government hasn’t restored the cuts.

The government first denied that any cuts were made – the same messaging used by the Conservatives. Then, as reported by the National Observer “After further questioning, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s office would later acknowledge in July that ozone monitoring stations had indeed been closed. But her spokeswoman would still argue that the “efficiency” of monitoring hadn’t changed as a result.”

They hypocrisy is obvious, and shows how deceptive Trudeau’s image truly is. Ironically, ozone monitoring is an important environmental measure, but Trudeau isn’t actually interested in the environment. He uses “climate change” as an excuse to push policies that hurt Canadian workers and take more of our money – concentrating it in the hands of government.

The huge gap between Trudeau’s comments before taking power, and his actions in power, reveals that he will say anything to gain and hold onto control of the federal state in order to keep implementing his destructive agenda.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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