Trudeau Government Considering Lowering Blood/Alcohol Limit To .05

Restaurateurs say new rules could be a huge problem for the industry.

The Trudeau government is considering lowering the blood/alcohol limit for drivers from .08 to .05.

The government says the move is meant to “make it easier to fight the danger posed by drivers who have consumed alcohol.”

However, many will see this as yet another intrusion by the state, increasing restrictions and regulations over our lives even further, and it could have a big impact.

As noted by the Canadian Press, a representative of Restaurateurs in Quebec Francois Meunier, says “The new rules mean a woman can have one drink and a man, in most cases, two. Forget about a bottle of wine for two, for a Valentine’s Day dinner — that’s over.”

Meunier also believes many people will just stay home instead of going out if the new limits were imposed.

These restrictions clearly go too far. The government is already intrusive enough in our lives, and lowering the blood alcohol limit would be a step in the wrong direction.

Spencer Fernando

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D. Jerone Hauk

What has been the Alberta experience, the previous administration having made this reduction?


MADD has become narrow minded zealots, bound and determined to stop everybody from having a nice time. With crap like this they will soon be ignored. The chick being interviewed on TV is demanding random breath testing. Anyone, anywhere, any time.


The will be a legion of people that will applaud this move. What is Ironic though, is that it is the same government that has promised the legalization of weed. What is not commonly thought of though is whether police will support it. After all they will be the ones enforcing it they also have their own sense of fair play and many of them have been known to bend the arm.


distracted driving has grown to be the #1 cause of serious collisions @ death exceeding drinking. why don’t attack that? police giveout 1000’s of tickets for that, but people do not learn. try cracking down on that.

don morris

MADD has segued into the WCTU,forcing cowardly politicians into passing laws that can only result in more public frustration,and contempt for the Law. MADD are prohibitionists,ready to take us back to those glorious days of the “Roaring 20″s” to stamp out what they see as “demon alcohol”. The current.08 was based on testing which showed that a person could still operate a vehicle safely with that amount of alcohol in their blood,but Alberta’s .05 roadside suspension is a violation of that law,approved by a few prohibitionist Judges and politicians. I never go out for a night of beer and hockey… Read more »


Those who are found guilty of excess will remain …very seldom does legislation change a character type …this intrusive law is yet another ” fine ” opportunity created by the tyrant posing as the la la land dweller