Trudeau Government Considering Lowering Blood/Alcohol Limit To .05

Restaurateurs say new rules could be a huge problem for the industry.

The Trudeau government is considering lowering the blood/alcohol limit for drivers from .08 to .05.

The government says the move is meant to “make it easier to fight the danger posed by drivers who have consumed alcohol.”

However, many will see this as yet another intrusion by the state, increasing restrictions and regulations over our lives even further, and it could have a big impact.

As noted by the Canadian Press, a representative of Restaurateurs in Quebec Francois Meunier, says “The new rules mean a woman can have one drink and a man, in most cases, two. Forget about a bottle of wine for two, for a Valentine’s Day dinner — that’s over.”

Meunier also believes many people will just stay home instead of going out if the new limits were imposed.

These restrictions clearly go too far. The government is already intrusive enough in our lives, and lowering the blood alcohol limit would be a step in the wrong direction.

Spencer Fernando

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