WATCH: Video Claims To Show Saudi Regime Using Canadian-Made LAV’s Against Civilians

How much more evidence do we need to ban trade with Saudi Arabia?

As reported on July 29, video emerged of Saudi Arabia using what appeared to be Canadian-made Terradyne armoured vehicles in a brutal crackdown against civilians in the Eastern Province.

The footage added to pressure on the government to block an upcoming $15 billion deal to sell even more Canadian-made armoured vehicles to the horrible Saudi government.

Now, even more footage has emerged. Take a look at the video below, first reported by Levon Sevunts:

End trade with the Saudi’s immediately

The video above shows once again that we’ve been lied to. Saudi Arabia promised Canada that they wouldn’t use Canadian-made armoured vehicles for crackdowns on their own civilians, and such a usage is banned under Canadian export law.

However, it appears the Saudi’s are using Canadian-made Light Armoured Vehicles (LAV’s) in the city of Awamiyah. Reports say at least 20 people are dead and most of the population has fled or been removed. The population are mostly Shia’s – a religious minority now being brutalized in the country.

Clearly, our leaders have been played by the Saudi’s. They were fools to trust such a brutal and deceptive regime.

Canada must stop taking actions that make the Saudi regime more powerful.

It’s bad enough that we sell weapons to them, but we also buy oil from them. It’s total stupidity, and it needs to end. Saudi Arabia is both an ideological and economic competitor. The government must realize that, and Canadians must push for a ban on all trade with the brutal Saudi state.


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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