B.C. NDP Betrays Workers By Opposing Trans Mountain Pipeline Expansion

There was a time when the NDP could make a half-decent claim to support workers. In fact, some segments of what was formerly the political left were supporters of creating jobs for working people, and having strong Canada-based industries.

However, it is now clear that the left and the NDP no longer support workers. By siding with the “environmental” movement, the NDP is now actively opposed to policies that would create jobs and help Canadian workers.

That’s exactly what’s happening in B.C., where the new NDP government has announced their opposition to the Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion.

As reported by the Canadian Press, “The NDP government has hired former judge Thomas Berger to provide legal advice as it seeks intervener status in court challenges against the federal government’s approval of the $7.4-billion project.”

The expansion would lead to a 700% increase in tanker traffic on the B.C. coast, a result of increased export revenue – meaning more jobs and opportunities for workers.

Yet, the NDP foolishly says the expansion isn’t in B.C.’s “best interests.”

This is a betrayal of workers, and a betrayal of the 51 First Nations communities that signed “mutual benefit” agreements with Trans Mountain.

It is a sign that the NDP has fully embraced extreme, anti-worker policies. And the messaging of the NDP’s coalition partners in the B.C. Greens is even more disturbing. Here’s what the Green Leader said:

“B.C.’s future lies in innovative growth areas like clean tech and the value-added resource sector, not the sunset fossil fuel industry of the last century.”

That is idiotic. There is plenty of growth and innovation in the energy industry, and fossil fuels are going to be used for a very long time. By following the extremist “leave it in the ground” rhetoric, the B.C. government is betraying the workers of B.C.

It’s more evidence that Canadian workers are increasingly ignored by governments across the country. Clearly, Canada needs a movement that stands up for our workers and our jobs above all else.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube


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Ben Eby

The NDP and the Greens are terrible patrons of all things related to simple logic and common sense. People from the lower mainland are mainly responsible for voting in this pathetic gang of leftwing dingbats. Maybe when their bank accounts are empty, and the province is on its knees again economically, the mainlanders will once again recognize the error of their ways!


Banning just tanker traffic is clearly discriminatory. The disgusting endless procession of overloaded massive cruise ships also must be stopped. Immediately. Try to imagine the horrific bloodshed and loss of life when a 4000 passenger cruise ship has a steering failure and smashes into the rocks or another cruise ship. Screams, drownings, deaths, people being eaten alive by orcas and sharks.


Del — I can see your face … and I can see the bulge caused by your tongue stuck firmly in your cheek … good one !!


Oh and we are in such good shape now after 16 years of the other party?
“None are more enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free” Unknown.


In answer to your question. Yes!


The ndp certainly has not, nor ever will, “betray workers”. BC government workers that is.