Canadians Should Take Pride In Our History

Without respecting and remembering our past, we have no future.

There is growing effort among the politically-correct elites to erase any remnants of our national past.

Canada’s founders, and key historical figures who built our country, are being judged by the standards of the modern era, rather than the context of the time in which they lived.

Of course, we know that almost nobody holds up to the standards of subsequent eras, and destroying the memory of those who built our country will have horrible consequences.

Despite the efforts of globalists and elites (including Justin Trudeau) to tear the nation down, Canada remains the greatest country in the world. A big part of that greatness comes from the western values of freedom and the rule of law.

That freedom and rule of law exists because of those who founded Canada, and the choices that have been made throughout much of our history.

You can’t take away our history and the memory of those who built Canada without also taking away the values and principles upon which Canada is founded.

Erasing the past doesn’t just leave an empty space. That space gets filled with something. And what it’s being filled with isn’t great. We can see our nation being slowly taken apart from within as the elites divide us all up based upon every little difference they can find. Nationalism is being crushed, with “leaders” like Trudeau trying to impose a “post-national” state without any connection to history or shared Canadian values.

This is all part of a clear effort to destroy the loyalty of our people to the nation of Canada, leaving us open to be betrayed and sold out to foreign banks, global corporations, and well-connected elites. If that happens, Canada may exist on the map, but we wouldn’t really be a country.

Without our connection to and respect for our Canadian history, Canada will be easy prey. That’s why we must take pride in our history, and make sure the memory of that history is protected from those who seek to re-write the past. Because, without respect for the past, we have no future.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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