CAQ Leader Legault Rips “Completely Irresponsible” Trudeau Border Policy

Francois Legault – leader of the Coalition Avenir Québec – is ripping the Trudeau government for their policy towards illegal border crossers.

Legault says Quebec is getting more worried about the “out-of-hand influx of illegal migrants” entering Quebec since Trudeau’s virtue-signalling tweets and pathetically weak response to illegal crossings.

Said Legault, “For all potential migrants, this Liberal discourse is the equivalent of an invitation to stampede toward the Quebec border without going through customs.”

Legault also made the completely reasonable point that “resources are limited, just like our capacity to integrate immigrants into the francophone majority.”

Border is a “virtual sieve”

Legault says the border has now become a “virtual sieve,” and warns of a backlash as government border policy remains weak.

“The attitude of generosity and solidarity on behalf of Quebecers toward refugees is shaken,” said Legault. “And if political officials don’t change their attitude, we can expect a backlash.”

Canadians pay the price for Trudeau’s disrespect for our country

By seeking international headlines and refusing to secure Canada’s borders, Justin Trudeau is showing total disrespect for Canada, and it’s having a more and more negative impact. Quebec is currently feeling the brunt of that impact, and there’s no end in sight.

Trudeau seems to have no intention of securing the border, and is sacrificing Canadian resources and security in order to get attention in the globalist press.

As the crisis continues to get worse, expect more and more people to speak out as Legault did and demand that the meaning of Canada’s borders is restored. At this point, it seems clear that the only way that will happen is if Trudeau is decisively defeated.

Spencer Fernando


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