Paul Martin Unwittingly Contradicts Trudeau’s Attempt To Blame Harper For Khadr Payment

As outrage grew against Justin Trudeau’s disgusting $10.5 million payment to Omar Khadr, his government pathetically tried to blame the payment on Stephen Harper. Now, a second former Prime Minister has contradicted that deceptive narrative.

After the Trudeau government tried pushing their manipulative lies, Harper released the following statement:

Now, Stephen Harper’s predecessor Paul Martin has unwittingly contradicted Trudeau’s deceptive attempt to blame Harper.

Here’s what Martin told the Canadian Press.

“I think it was a situation that was not well handled by a succession of governments, and I think obviously hindsight demonstrates that. Unfortunately, we continued with the precedent that had been established by … previous governments, and certainly one could argue that more could have been done at that stage, and I wish it had been.”

Of course, Paul Martin didn’t point out the obvious. There was no “previous” government to his that handled the Khadr payment. It was all the Liberal government. He simply replaced Chretien. 

This directly contradicts the narrative pushed by the Trudeau government, revealing that their attempt to blame Harper was a despicable lie.

That probably wasn’t what Paul Martin was trying to do, but it’s no surprise that Trudeau’s lies unraveled quickly.

Once again, Trudeau shows nothing but contempt for the Canadian people by attempting to push a bunch of lies instead of taking responsibility for his decisions.

Spencer Fernando


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He is manipulate lier and traitor for all Canadian people who are faithful citizen believe freedom and loyalist. No one should be tie this – Liberal party is lefties and you are deceived person, you cause uproar everything we work for nothing. We are not charitable to throw away our tax money like that. I don’t know why you hand him, he killed An American soldier for crying out loud. This an American soldier could be our neighbour to protect and serve our neighbours. We will not going to let you win next time. I realized what you did to… Read more »

Chris Vrecko

Amen, Patrica. For Gods sake and ours, Canadians wake up.


From 2000 to 2006 Both liberals PMs (Chretien &Paul Martin) were in government when Omar was arrested and imprison during those years.


I’ve come to the conclusion that selfie boy is actually starting to believe his own bs.

I rousell

Justin Trudeau you are the only one to blame for the $10.5 million to Omar Khadr No one else just you and your cabinet

tim pedden

It was trudeau and his traitorous liberals that made this decision and then tried to blame everyone else. He’s not a leader for Canadians , he’s a spineless coward that will destroy Canada for our enemy’s to conquer . I wonder are all liberals in his party in support of his betrayal and treason and do they share the same hatred for Canada and Canadians.