WATCH: Brad Wall Resigns As Saskatchewan Party Leader

Approaching a decade in power, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has announced his resignation as leader of the Saskatchewan Party.

Brad Wall’s time as leader of Saskatchewan is coming to an end. Wall has announced that he will soon step down as leader of the Saskatchewan Party and Premier.

“This November will mark 10 years since I had the incredible honour of being elected as Premier of this wonderful province that I love,” said Wall. “I’ve always thought that the 10-year mark – should I be so fortunate to serve that long – might be the right time to re-evaluate. It’s time for me to retire from politics.”

“Saskatchewan needs renewal, a fresh perspective in leadership,” Wall added. “This was such a difficult decision to make. It is hard to lay this duty down, to retire from what has been and what will always be the honour of my working life. But it is time.”

Watch Brad Wall’s resignation announcement below:

Brad Wall led the Saskatchewan party to three straight election wins over the NDP, and presided over strong economic growth. However, Wall’s popularity has declined recently, with tax increases and spending cuts in the latest budget causing the Saskatchewan Party to fall behind the NDP in some polls.

Wall’s resignation will officially occur when the Saskatchewan Party picks a new leader.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook

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