Quebec City Mayoral Candidate Rejects Sanctuary City Foolishness

Good to see there are a few common sense leaders still around.

In February, Montreal became a so-called “sanctuary city.”

That means Montreal no longer enforces Canada’s immigration laws, and allows illegal border crossers to use city services, rather than have them go through the proper immigration process to actually be in Canada legally.

As a result, many of the illegal border crossers who entered Quebec have ended up in Montreal.

That has led to an increasing strain on city services, while Montreal politicians provide more help for those in Canada illegally than they do for Montreal’s own homeless population. Empty schools, Olympic Stadium, and other facilities have been opened up to house illegal crossers – something that was never done for the over 3,000 homeless people in the city.

While Montreal’s “leaders” have taken leave of their senses, a mayoral candidate in Quebec City is campaigning to make sure his city doesn’t follow the same foolish path.

Jean-François Gosselin – leader of Quebec 21 – says Quebec City won’t become a sanctuary city if he wins the next election. He stated, “The crisis that Montreal is currently experiencing cannot be repeated here.”

It’s good to see there are some potential leaders with common sense.

After all, there is an increasingly disturbing pattern of “leaders” who seem to have completely forgotten what the government is supposed to do. Government exists to serve citizens, yet many politicians now take money from citizens through taxes, neglect citizens in need, and then use taxpayer money to help those who have broken Canada’s laws.

That’s not leadership, it’s disloyalty.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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J. Jamieson

Luckily for the other provinces, the vast majority of migrant, opportunist, Quebec border crossers are French speakers and can’t survive in English Canada. That will do wonders for the Francophone population in Quebec!


The only reason this is happening is because our so-called “kind” PM is lining up his votes for 2019 election. He may not be as stupid as he behaves. “Votes” is the name of the game.

Sharon Maclise

Crafty is not the same as “smart”. Boy Wonder is a dummy no matter how you slice it. More importantly he is a disaster as PM – and the voters in socialist Canada – Quebec, Ontario, BC, foisted him on the rest of us. Hopefully you’ve all had enough of the Selfie King in the next election. But I’m not holding my breath.


I live in Ontario, but I sized Trudeau up before the last election and pegged him as being just that ” a drama teacher” and NOTHING MORE. I keep asking myself “Who in their Right Mind would vote for him”. He is definitely not smart enough to be at the helm of running this country. I was ABSOLUTELY CORRECT – He is destroying Canada. Please, God, help this Country to REMOVE him from a position that he is undeserving to have and just Plain Incapable of such an important position. He should be OUSTED, like Yesterday!

Ann Magoon

Foreign funding backed by the New World Order is the name of the game, they already have the next person in line and have probably been grooming him/her since childhood like they did this one. Presidents and PMs are selected and not chosen. Nixon told Pierre Trudeau that Justin would be PM one day.


Currently we have 4 sanctuary cities in Canada: Toronto, London, Hamilton and now Montreal. Those municipalities should strive to work with federal government instead of trying to make their own policies and DEPRIVING the existing population of municipal services. I doubt that they have an unlimited budget. I just read another article from Maclean’s about the topic:

Don’t forget politicians, as soon as elected, work for donations and votes. Who cares what they promisted. So, it’s the donars who wag the dog………I’m glad to see Gosselin take a “common sense” stand. Wish Sheer would open his mouth…………..just a little bit, mumble maybe, etc.


I have been patiently waiting for Scheer to be more vocal about what is happening in Canada, but haven’t heard a peep. I know that he is definitely much smarter and a much better Politician than Trudeau – anyone is, but I just wish that he would speak his mind and let Canadians know where he stands on all the HORRIFIC, IRRESPONSIBLE DECISIONS that Trudeau has made – and I would say that he has NOT made one good Decision benefiting Canadians YET! He is destroying this once Great Nation!


Well stated! Bravo! Love your articles, always point on and well articulated.

Debbie C.

It is quite disgusting that our so called reps are working for themselves and for votes and couldn’t care less about the people they are supposed to represent and who pay their salaries and perks. They should be fired and maybe someday we will get back to the leaders being leaders of their people and working for their people, not for their own pocketbooks and for votes like we are just numbers in a game. In the past, people ran because they wanted to help their people and money was nothing, they had jobs themselves, and they acted like President… Read more »