Trudeau Government Shipbuilding “Strategy” Shows Danger Of Outsourcing Naval Designs

We must build our own capacity here in Canada.

The ongoing inability of the Canadian government to procure equipment for the defence of Canada is an embarrassment.

For decades, Canada’s procurement system has been horrible. As a result, not only do Canada’s protectors face massive under funding, but they also have to wait far longer than reasonable for new equipment.

Now, the shipbuilding program that was “rebooted” by the Trudeau Government appears to be another debacle.

When the government changed the program, they decided to have new frigates built from existing designs used by foreign governments, rather than having something designed from scratch in Canada.

While this was supposed to make things quicker, it appears to be totally backfiring.

According to a new report, one of the countries competing to design the warships is blocking the transfer of information required for the project to proceed, and won’t accept the contract terms as set up by the Trudeau government.

This could cause even further delays in the project, and we haven’t even mentioned how it’s billions over-budget.

The vulnerability of outsourcing our naval designs

Because Canada has neglected our home-grown defence industry for decades, we have become reliant on foreign countries. Even with our allies, there is always a loss of control when outsourcing designs. We lose the opportunity to have full influence over the project, and we lose out on developing knowledge and capacity here at home.

The government took the lazy route, seeking to use the expertise of other countries instead of designing a ship ourselves. Yet, that lazy approach isn’t working.

As noted in a report“The problem is many of Canada’s allies, including the U.S., Britain, France and Australia, paid for the development of those essential electronics individually and don’t want to share the data for their own national security reasons. Defence analyst Dave Perry said he’s heard informally that as many as three governments, including the United States, are balking at handing over the data.”

Of course, after the Trudeau government let China takeover sensitive Canadian national security companies, why would any of our democratic allies want to hand over data to Trudeau?

Huge missed opportunity

The shipbuilding project was a huge opportunity to build up our own Canadian capacity for designing warships. Instead, it looks like it’s just another procurement failure.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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This is getting out of hand. Canada needs to have government changes provincially and federally and to reconcile east and west in order to survive.

A few more news items like this and Canada is officially finished as a country….to be nothing more than a name on a map.

Dave Shirlaw

At least put Canadian ships in your illustration and not American.

Tom Ridout

Had to show this picture because Canada doesn’t have this many ships.

Tom Ridout

As usual our Canadian government can’t make a decent decision and wants to reinvent the wheel. Given our small military budget make a deal with our American friends to either build them here in part or in whole, but get it done now. And for heavens sake do not make the mistake of buying used equipment like we did with those British submarine, that cost us more in repairs than a new sub would have.