DISGRACEFUL: Number Of Illegal Border Crossers Being Housed In Montreal Almost Equals City’s Homeless Population

It’s an absolute disgrace that those who broke Canada’s laws are being prioritized ahead of Canadian citizens in need of help.

As I’ve said before, every government has limited resources. That means governments must set priorities. And for there to be any sense of justice, that priority must be first and foremost to take care of our own citizens.

Yet, that’s not what politicians like Justin Trudeau or Denis Coderre are doing. Instead, they’re putting the needs of those who broke Canada’s laws ahead of Canadian citizens.

Case in point: The number of illegal border crossers being housed in Montreal – at taxpayers expense – is now close to the number of homeless people in Montreal.

Montreal’s homeless population was found to be slightly over 3,000 in a 2015 survey. Now, it’s been revealed that there are 2,440 illegal border crossers being housed in the city as of now.

If the government can “afford” to help those in Canada illegally, why haven’t they helped homeless Canadians?

This is a total disgrace.

Our so-called “enlightened” leaders are taking our tax dollars and refusing to spend them on our own Canadian citizens, and are instead using the money on those who broke our laws and entered the country without Canada’s permission.

This sends a horrible message, and it’s yet more evidence that Canadians are being disgracefully betrayed by our corrupt elitist “leaders.”

We must defeat all of those who refuse to stand up for our citizens, and send a clear message that it’s long past time that we put our own citizens first.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Trudeau is a disgrace


Everything is going according to plan for the Globalists in Canada.

1) Invite invaders that have no inclination to assimilate into Canadian society.

2) Invaders divide Canadian inhabitants against each other, including families.

3) Create havoc.

4) Havoc becomes so out of control, that citizens BEG for Martial law.

5) Establish a one-world communist dictatorship that abolishes countries and keep everyone oppressed and living in perpetual fear of each other.

It is happening right now.


A solution to this disgraceful self indulging series of strategies by Liberals is what Canadians must search for and act upon .. too much talk, no action ….the liberal mentality must be dislodged and replace by sanity …how to do this and how to instill the fair and right perspective in the minds of the mindless ?


canadian citizens come lfirst


Hard Working, Heavily Taxed Canadians NEVER come first with this Joke of a PM that we are stuck with! He has to be Ousted ASAP!


Indeed , the individual charged with the responsibility of lifting Canadians towards socio economic levels that benefit them is the very threat and reason for their current downfall …what would sane /fair/lucid people do with a situation like this one ??? what would a boss do with an employee who takes pride ” in his socks ” on a priority basis ??? outrageous and irresponsible !!