As Society Becomes More Divided, Patriotism Is The Answer

Identity politics will tear our society apart if we can’t find a way to unite around common values and love of country.

The terrorist attack in Charlottesville suspected to have been perpetrated by Nazi sympathizer James Alex Fields Jr. that claimed the life of 32-year-old Heather Heyer and injured many others, has brought attention to the disturbing growth of identity-based rage and divisiveness.

First of all, the fact that Nazis and white supremacists are still something we have to talk about in today’s world is a total disgrace. Canadian troops fought alongside Americans, British, French, Russian, and many others to defeat Nazism, and anyone who thinks they can be supportive of that horrific ideology and also consider themselves a patriot is brutally mistaken. It must be condemned in the strongest terms.

With that in mind, there has been increasing violence from the far-left as well. The Antifa movement – often pushing an anarchist/communist ideology – has regularly assaulted right-wing protesters and marchers. Considering that communism has killed nearly 100 million people, that brutal and murderous ideology must be condemned as well.

And while it’s important for all of us to speak out against violence and extremism, freedom of speech must still be defended. Even supporters of vile political ideologies should be free to share their views – and we should be free to oppose those views strongly. So long as people are not plotting violence or calling for violence, free speech needs to be protected.

Of course, we can see that the deeper problem here is the increasing rage and division within our society. Identity politics – whether it’s the racial identity politics of white supremacists or black lives matter – or the efforts of globalist elites to tear down our shared sense of a unified country-based identity – the end result is the same: A more divided, angry, and dangerous society.

That’s why the answer is patriotism.

Patriotism unites us around a set of strong shared values, a sense of community, a willingness to defend our territory and our fellow citizens. It gives us a clear focus on our country and helping those in our country who need support. And it does all of this by bringing people together around something shared that transcends racial or religious differences.

Patriotism also protects our country against those who would divide us for their own gain – whether that’s global banks & corporations or deceptive political elites who want to destroy the middle class and create a vast group of powerless desperate people dependent on those same elites. They want patriotism weakened, and ultimately destroyed, leaving countries that exist only as an outline on a map – nothing more.

Pushing back against the globalist economic and political agenda will benefit the vast majority of us, regardless of our racial background or faith. By building the strength of patriotism, and making citizenship mean something again, we can turn the tide of increasing division and violence, and bring our nation together as a shared family and community.

That is the future we should believe in and strive for.

Spencer Fernando