Merck CEO Quits Trump Advisory Council After Charlottesville Response

Ken Frazier – CEO of the Merck pharmaceutical company – has resigned from Donald Trump’s American Manufacturing Council after the U.S. President’s heavily critiqued initial response to the Charlottesville attack.

Frazier made the announcement on Twitter:

Trump has been criticized for not explicitly denouncing white supremacists and neo-Nazis. There has reportedly been division within the White House over Trump’s response, and his own daughter Ivanka took a different approach:

Trump rips Frazier after resignation

About an hour after Frazier resigned from the council, Trump ripped into him on Twitter:

Trump is now being criticized for his quick response to Frazier, while not responding as strongly to the Charlottesville attack.

Trump needs stronger response

Trump is expected to speak again on Charlottesville later today, and many – including U.S. Attorney General Jeff Sessions – are calling on him to explicitly denounce white supremacists. That is exactly what Trump should do. Considering that he seems to have no problem denouncing and ripping into almost everyone else – including members of his own administration – it’s quite odd that Trump has not clearly and strongly denounced people pushing such a vile ideology after what happened in Charlottesville.

This is simply common-sense. I regularly criticize Justin Trudeau for being too cowardly to even say the words radical Islamist terrorism after attacks, because the true name of vile ideas must spoken and fought. By the same line of thinking, Trump should be explicit about denouncing attacks perpetrated by white supremacists and Nazi-sympathizers.

Some of Trump’s best moments have been when he emphasizes the unifying power of patriotism, pointing out that people of all backgrounds fought, bled, and died together for freedom. Those who hold vile ideologies, whether radical Islamism, or Nazi-sympathizers, are the total opposite of patriots, and they need to be strongly denounced in the most clear terms possible.

Spencer Fernando