Rural Canadians Face Increased Risk From RCMP Officer Shortages Under Trudeau

You would think our national police force and security would be a top priority for the government, but that’s clearly not the case under Trudeau’s “leadership.”

A concerning new report reveals that the RCMP is facing severe shortages, leading to longer response times in rural Canada, and officers leaving the force and burning out a rapid clip.

Since the RCMP serves as the main police force for rural Canada, any shortages and crisis in the force puts Canadians at risk.

The total national RCMP vacancy rate is now 12.1%, and the real number may be even worse. RCMP bureaucrats will simply eliminate unfilled positions, so the true loss of members is an even bigger problem than it looks. It is estimated that up to 800 officers are leaving the RCMP every year, leaving the remaining officers working longer hours, going to calls alone (much more dangerous), and making response times in rural Canada much longer.

This is a recipe for disaster.

As noted in a CTV report, ‘”The HR crisis is the number one thing affecting our organization and there’s no overnight fix to it,”‘ said Brian Sauvé, who serves as national executive co-chair for the National Police Federation, the organization that looks likeliest to become the union for the RCMP.”

He added, “You’re going to see, and you are seeing, burn-out from the membership…. That’s consistent across the country.”

One officer says when he goes out on calls alone, his nearest backup can be as far as 80 km away.

A dangerous situation in rural Canada

As noted in the report by an RCMP officer who spoke on condition of anonymity response times are becoming a big problem. “It’s ridiculous. It was never like that before. Before, the response time was 15 minutes and there was a member somewhere… The people who are paying the price for that are the rural people. Even the criminals know that ‘by the time they call the police, I could be 30, 40 minutes out of here’.”

Why does Trudeau have so much money for everything except Canadians?

It’s quite odd that despite around $30 billion more in spending per year under Trudeau, the basic security of Canadians is being abandoned by the government. With estimates that an additional $1 billion per year would help alleviate many of the problems facing the RCMP and make Canadians safer, it’s absurd that the money hasn’t been allocated, considering all the other things Trudeau is spending our tax dollars on.

Under Trudeau, there’s always money for elitist causes & foreign countries, but never enough for priorities here in Canada.

We keep having to say it, but that’s because it’s true: At every step of the way, Trudeau shows that the needs of Canadians are the last thing on his mind. And even worse, Trudeau is leaving rural Canadians – who mostly didn’t vote for him – with less police protection as the RCMP shortages worsen.

While it would be nice to think otherwise, we have to wonder whether Trudeau is looking at this politically and refusing to help a part of the country that opposes him, rather than rising above politics and providing the RCMP with the financial support they need to keep rural Canadian communities secure.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Mr.Fernando please help Canadians with a plan to oust this lieing Fraud. There must be some way to have him arrested for the crimes he is committing and allowing illegals freely enter Canada. Can we not get the information from America as to who these illegals are before he gives blanket amnesty. I have not been able to Donate to your cause. I was denied my guaranteed income supliment as My earning were $18600 for the year and did not qualify. I now receive less than 50% of our new illegals. I must find some way of Dental, need better… Read more »


Trudeau is punishing rural Canadians for narcissistic political gain.

Lawrence Tierney

This is a double edged Sword, not only do rural Canadians face increased Risk by the lack of RCMP Officers. They then Face Criminal Charges when they act in Self Defence, because there are no RCMP Officers to keep the Bad guys in Check.


There will be more break ins, thefts, night lighting — so sad!! And if a farmer protects his/her family, livestock, crops, and property/belongings (should a gunshot happen), as happened when Colten Bouchie and his group happened upon some farms) he/she will be prosecuted and go to jail while the perp(s) run free (if they are alive) while their families/communities cry & whine about the injustice their loved one received even though he/she (group) is/are the ones who committed a crime. Where is the Justice for the farmers?!?!?!?! Hey???????

Clive Edwards

Of course this is a “double edged sword”. Personally, I’d rather deal with criminal gangs other than the RCMP. I have encountered several crooked RCMP in my career, and reporting them and their actions up the chain of command to Ottawa accomplishes nothing. And then, of course, there was “High River”….

Wait until he gives blanket amnesty to thousands of immagrints and they disappear into the paintwork of Canada. What does he feel for our policing. It would seem just like the budget, it will balance itself…….. 30 Billion palanced in 2 years? Our children will pay for years and years to come. Disgraceful!!