Why Has Trudeau Been Silent On Burkina Faso Attack That Killed Two Canadians?

Update: Trudeau has now commented, almost two days after the attack took place. Read it here.

Previous updates:


He tweeted about the horrible attack in Charlottesville, but why hasn’t he tweeted about two Canadians being brutally murdered?

After the Charlottesville attack, Justin Trudeau tweeted the following:

While I rarely agree with Trudeau, this was a good tweet. Racist violence and hate should be condemned, and the victims of that violence deserve support. Trudeau was right to make that statement.

However, why has he not tweeted anything about the attack in Burkina Faso that killed two Canadian citizens?

If Trudeau’s going to tweet about what happens to Americans, at the very least he should also tweet when something horrible happens to our own citizens.

That should just be common sense.

It’s been about a day since the Burkina Faso attack was first reported, and the two Canadians killed in the attack have been identified as Tammy Chen, and Bilel Diffalah. Tammy Chen was also pregnant, so three lives were truly lost in the attack. Innocent Canadian citizens were gunned down while sitting in a restaurant, so surely the Prime Minister should make a statement condemning the attack and sending the thoughts and prayers of our nation to their families.

It’s the least he can do. Even better would be tasking our security agencies with helping hunt down those who killed two Canadians and bringing them to justice on behalf of our nation.

Political motivations for Trudeau’s Twitter silence?

It is widely believed that the attack was carried about by an Islamist terror group, and Trudeau has rarely – if ever – uttered the phrase “Islamist terrorism.” Never mind the fact that the majority of victims of radical Islamism are Muslim people, and the majority of Muslims reject radical Islamism – Trudeau seems unable to see the nuance between criticizing a dangerous and radical ideology, and a broader religion.

Once again, Trudeau is letting political correctness get in the way of speaking up for Canadian citizens, and speaking out against hatred and violence. Truly condemning hatred and violence in all its forms means condemning it regardless of the ideology behind it, and speaking out for the rights of all people – especially our Canadian citizens – to live in safety and freedom.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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alan skelhorne

simply put, he is anti-canadian, as for mentioning the americans, he n the freeland, are just trying to suck up to get what they want in the nafta talks.

Terry Gain

Because the attack was carried out by Islamic terrorists and -as our leftist betters tell us- Islam has nothing to do with terrorism.


To many fires, hits and runs, cops getting shot, people dieng everywhere. he brings in his troops by the thousands and yet the fires burn in BC and the army building tent cities.. yup welcome to 2017 and beyond.

Atheism is the mother of anarchy; the reigning power of God exhibited in true religion is the only security for the human commonwealth. A belief in God is the foundation and cornerstone of a well ordered state. – CHS 1874


I appears he mentioned it this morning …Tuesday Aug 15th …nothing interferes with his vacation or his selfie taking national ” love me ” drives

Karen Lee

Not a coward like Trump

alan skelhorne

you seem to forget about what happened in ottawa a couple of years ago. when the soldier was killed in ottawa, everyone blamed pm harper, they say he hid in a closet, but what the coward trudeau, who disappeared for almost 24 hours, coward is the only word to describe your idiot of a hero.


and this is not the only instance of his either cowardice OR TOTALLY DISINTERESTED approach ….spineless as they com e…on the job training that we are sick of paying for …

Karen lee

It wasn’t cowardly response like Trump made

kay sea

Karen………it’s apparent you didn’t listen to the whole content of what Trump said concerning Charlottesville other wise you wouldn’t have said what you did. Your comparison on Trudeau’s tweet as not being a cowardly, as opposed to the President of the United States making a 5 min. public Presidential press release, indicates you have a poor understanding of what real strength is.


Karen …you could not be any more perceptive …Karen s interpretation is unfortunately why irresponsible politicians ” can make it to the top ” …!!!

Karen Lee

I don’t need either of you to tell me what is cowardly and what is not!
I would have thought that between the two of you one would have good judgement.

alan skelhorne

so karen lee, we are both wrong, by your standards. however, i do believe you should take a good look in the mirror.

Ana Gomes

Karen, I am suspicious that you do not know what you are talking about.
The wise, when they do not know enough about something, they know it and they do not talk about it ,till they are sure of the truth. Learn the truth , girl. talk after…