POLL: Majority Of Quebecers Want Migrants Turned Back At The Border

Results show the widening gap between the views of politicians, and the citizens they are supposed to represent.

A new poll by SOM-Cogeco shows that a majority of Quebecers want illegal migrants turned back at the Canada-U.S. border.

51% want migrants to be stopped from entering Canada, while 37% want migrants to be allowed into the country.

Additionally, 56% of poll respondents opposed giving priority to those who bypassed the legal immigration system.

39% of respondents say a large increase in the number of migrants will make the province less safe.

Opposition to sanctuary city

The poll showed a clear majority opposing Montreal’s status as a so-called “sanctuary city.” 63% are opposed, with just 31% in favour.

Politicians out-of-touch

The overall results of this poll shows how out-of-touch many politicians have become. The elitist consensus on allowing Canada’s borders to be disrespected is clearly not shared by the majority of Quebec residents, and ignoring our laws in “sanctuary cities” is overwhelmingly unpopular.

As I’ve said many times, Canada is and should be a welcoming nation. Of course, that welcome must be on our own terms. There are many people from all over the world who are waiting to enter our country, and are doing so in the right way – following the legal system and respecting our laws.

It is unfair to them, and unfair to Canadian citizens when those who cut in line are given priority and divert taxpayer-funded resources – slowing down the applications of those who applied the right way.

It’s time for those in power to stop preening for the global media, and start truly representing the views of citizens who expect our laws and borders to be respected.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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White Quebecois francophones – Pequistes – have always been racist. Every wave of immigration gets under their skin…..in 50 years hopefully the white trash pequiste gene will be diluted.

** former Quebecois from Italian lineage who had more than a few scraps to cross a street…………..I crossed every street, eventually, they learned their place, which wasn’t to get in my face on a race issue.


All residents in those sanctuary cities, even in the States, must demand everything offered to the illegals. Free food, cash, accommodation, transportation and on and on – all for free. No? Lawsuit.

To many Canadians agree with this or just do not care…… sad.


They should have a portable border patrol staff to interview these walking across. No idea why they can’t prevent people from crossing illegally, especially when they are all walking across the same path! Instead they employ RCMP and military to welcome them. Ridiculous.


Why are the RCMP Welcoming these illegals and putting up Housing for them?? They must know that these Migrants are Breaking the Law crossing illegally? Isn’t it the Duty of the RCMP to ensure that Laws are NOT broken and Anyone who breaks the Law are then Charged by them?? The RCMP are going against what they have been taught and hired to do! If The RCMP are being told to do this by this Joke of a PM, they should REFUSE, EDUCATE THIS SO-CALLED PM, and his Irresponsible Liberal Party, Patrol our Borders and STOP these Illegals from breaking… Read more »


What more did you expect when Trudeau launched the welcome mat in January 2017 and invited everyone with a pulse and a heartbeat into Canada! I hope the liberal voters who elected Trudeau and the liberals are very happy when they see the destruction they have done to Canada!