REPORT: Toronto ISIS Supporter Charged With Terrorism-Related Offences Refusing To Appear In Court

Rehab Dughmosh attacked employees and customers at a Canadian tire, and has pledged loyalty to ISIS.

Dughmosh has now twice refused to leave her jail cell to face terrorism-related charges in court.

Without a court order, security officials say they don’t want to bring her to court by force.

Dughmosh faces many charges, including a charge for attempted murder for the benefit of/in association with a terrorist group.

According to police, Dughmosh swung a golf club at an employee and customers in the Canadian Tire, and then also pulled out a knife.

When Dughmosh first appeared in court, she pledged her allegiance to ISIS and promised that if she was ever released she would attack again. She also said she wanted to renounce her Canadian citizenship.

Of course, because of changes made by the Trudeau government, it is now impossible to revoke the citizenship of those convicted of terrorist offences.

Because of Dughmosh’s refusal to attend court, it will now be up to a judge to decide whether she will be forcibly brought to the courtroom.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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I hope they will not let this wacko dictate the courts.

Ana Gomes

Do you find non -wackos in Trudeau’s courts? Show me their wise decisions…


Zero wise decisions from the Liberal government.


If she wants to renounce her Canadian Citizenshp, then let her renounce it. If that does’t work, then Trudeau has to change this. Makes no sense to keep a self-proclaimed terrorist.


Trudeau must be insane, why would he make a law, that people don’t lose their citizenship if they commit a terrorist act absolutely disgusting! So this women should get life in prison!


Trudeau will pay her out after she is forced to face the judge


Many more incidents to come

See what happens if he is able to push trough his blanket amnesty plan. No review process for thousands. Who are they?


Put her on the NEXT plane out of this Country STAT! This is absolutely insane. If it were you or I refusing to come out of our Cell to go to Court…we’d be shackled and chained and dragged in. I am getting just a tad tired of the Radicals getting away with everything in this Country and all the while we are called “RACISTS” if we voice our opinion. If they came here for a better life (insert laughter) then ADAPT or LEAVE pretty simple Trudeau and Wynne! Get that plane revved up and send her back to her ISIS… Read more »


Kathy, you are “getting just a “tad” tired of the Radicals getting away with everything in this Country”. Canadians are More than just a “tad” tired! Most Canadians are “Ripping Mad, Outraged” with all these Radicals and everything that this Joke of a PM is allowing to happen to Hard Working, Over Taxed, True Canadians! He has NO SHAME and we are hoping that he is Removed from his PM Position. He will NEVER earn the PM position! He has lost all respect from Canadians who know what he is all about!!


Keep her locked up for life!