Trudeau’s NAFTA “Procurement Liberalization” Would Betray Canadian Businesses

Trudeau wants to make it easier for non-Canadian companies to get access to government procurement programs paid for by Canadian taxpayers.

Included in the list of NAFTA demands put forth by the Trudeau government, is a section that has received little attention, but could have big consequences.

Here’s the section:

“Fourth, Canada will seek a freer market for government procurement, a significant accomplishment in CETA. Local-content provisions for major government contracts are political junk-food, superficially appetizing, but unhealthy in the long run. Procurement liberalization can go hand-in-hand with further regulatory harmonization.”

“Procurement liberalization” means opening up government contracts to foreign corporations. This means that instead of Canadian taxpayers money going towards Canadian companies, the money is more likely to go towards foreign companies. And for anyone expecting that Canada could benefit from this with U.S. government contracts, the U.S. has been moving in the opposite direction towards “buy American” policies, making it extremely unlikely that Canadians would get more access in the U.S. or even Mexico.

Supporting Canadian businesses

“Procurement liberalization,” would be a big slap in the face to Canadian businesses and Canadian taxpayers. Once again, the Trudeau government is making it easier for our taxpayer dollars to go to people and companies outside of our country. The fact that the Trudeau government is even considering it is a betrayal of Canadian businesses, and it should be opposed by all who support keeping tax dollars inside our country.

Spencer Fernando


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