Poor Families In Ontario Getting Poorer As Stable Work Erodes

More evidence of the failure of corrupt establishment economics, as stable manufacturing jobs flee Ontario and the poor fall further behind.

A report by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives (CCPA) shows that poor families in Ontario have gotten poorer, while the gap between the wealthy and poor has increased.

The earnings of the poorest 50% of Ontario families declined from 22% of total income, to 19% of total income from 2000 to 2015.

Though I don’t agree with many of the proposed solutions put forth by the CCPA (which involve the usual increase in government spending and intervention), they deserve credit for bringing attention to this serious issue.

Of note, much of this decline took place under a provincial Liberal government pushing policies that devastated the manufacturing sector, took money out of people’s pockets through increased taxes, and favoured employment in areas like banking and government administration as opposed to tangible jobs where people create actual products.

That said, the Harper government also showed at times an approach that favoured big corporations over Canadian businesses and Canadian workers, though they balanced that somewhat by implementing large tax reductions for Canadian families. Of course, the Trudeau government is making things far worse – piling on the regulations, fees, restrictions, taxes, and total sell-out trade policies that will further crush the tangible economy.

“New economy” fraud

The jobs in the overhyped “new economy” are less stable, less secure, and pay less. So, our “brilliant” elites have traded a more secure economy for a more precarious one.

Combined with skyrocketing energy prices and environmental policies that don’t stop pollution but rip money out of the pockets of workers, and it’s quite clear why things are getting worse for much of the middle class and working class in Ontario – and much of the country as well.

There are some solutions to this problem – cutting taxes for low and middle income people, eliminating job killing regulations, blocking dangerous trade deals with countries like China, and truly reducing the size of government to give more money back to the people.

All of this would especially help low-income people, because it would help create a more level economic playing field. Unlike what we have today under the corrupt establishment, who put in place measures that hurt those without much money – but can always be avoided and even profited from by those with wealth and connections.

It’s far beyond time for a change in course, because our current economic path will lead to an ever-growing gap between rich and poor, eroding our middle class and robbing millions of people of economic opportunity. If that continues to happen, the consequences will be devastating.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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