REPORT: Illegal Border Crossers Found Carrying Child Abuse Images

Yet, some caught with those images may not be charged and may have their applications processed anyway.

A disturbing new report from Global News has revealed that “Multiple refugee claimants have been found in possession of child pornography at or near the Quebec border crossing where an influx of hundreds of asylum seekers crossing from New York state has led the Canadian government to set up a border camp.”

Reportedly, about four or five prospective migrants were caught with the illegal images.

Two cases led to charges.

The government currently has no national policy for dealing with this situation, and the CBSA has had to scramble to come up with new guidelines while awaiting a national policy to deal with the issue.

According to the report describing the new guidelines, in cases where illegal border crossers are caught with such material, an investigation will be conducted by either the CBSA Intelligence arm, or the provincial police of Quebec. If charges are filed, any application for refugee status is put on hold.

Disturbingly, “However, according to the document, in cases where the RCMP seizes child pornography from an asylum keeper but decides not to lay charges “the CBSA must accept that decision” and process their claim.”

In light of this disturbing report, there is renewed criticism of the Trudeau government and their border policies.

As MP Michelle Rempel told Global News, “This is a troubling pattern where we’re seeing people with criminal records or involved in criminal activity come across the border. I think that Justin Trudeau has been irresponsible in his language around how Canada’s asylum system should be accessed. I think he needs to be much more clear that you shouldn’t be entering Canada illegally and he should be more clear about the expectations that our system has in terms of legitimate claims so that our asylum system can be focused on helping the world’s most vulnerable.”

Rempel makes a good point. While the vast majority of illegal border crossers are obviously not bringing horrible images with them, the fact that the government was not prepared for such an eventuality reveals a lack of seriousness on their part, even as the consequences of Trudeau’s tweets and statements should have been predicted immediately after they were made.

Canada’s laws and borders need to be treated with respect, and that respect has to start with those in power. So far, Trudeau has shown zero willingness to do that.

Spencer Fernando