Report Says Saskatchewan MLA Involved In China Immigration Scheme

Some are saying the immigration scheme could benefit a company he’s involved in, and leveraged his government position.

Former Saskatchewan Economy Minister and current MLA Bill Boyd is reportedly involved in a China immigration scheme that may benefit a business he is involved in.

Some are calling this a potential “conflict” of interest.

Boyd has traveled to China to promote a business helping Chinese investors immigrate to Canada. At a 2016 seminar in Beijing, he was billed as the Minister of Saskatchewan’s economy – despite no longer holding that position. A poster promoting the event also reportedly had the logo of the Saskatchewan government. Even worse, it was promoted that the Saskatchewan economy Ministry was involved in the program – which was not true.

The business involves getting investors from China to pay $300,000 for ownership of an irrigation business, and another $100,000 to immigration lawyers from Canada and China. This investment would then be used to help the investor secure permanent residence status in Canada “through the entrepreneurial category of the Saskatchewan Immigrant Nominee Program (SINP) — the very program Boyd used to oversee when he was the minister.”

According to a report, “The entire situation seems inappropriate, said Ken Rasmussen, a professor of public administration at the University of Regina. “Clearly the fact that he was the former minister is what gives investors confidence in this entity,” Rasmussen said. “This is almost the definition of an appearance of a conflict.” “It does seem a bit unseemly that he is in the process of making money on the basis of his contacts and knowledge of these programs.”‘

Disturbingly, some of Boyd’s associates are linked to businesses that have potash permits in Saskatchewan, which could raise further conflict concerns.

As Rasmussen notes, ‘”This really is something that should be subject to more scrutiny — that a minister who was responsible for the resource economy is now a business partner with somebody who’s a big investor in the resource economy,” said Rasmussen.”

Interestingly, Boyd announced yesterday that he will resign as an MLA effective September 1st.

A disturbing potential conflict

This is a disturbing potential conflict, as it seems a servant of the taxpayers may be trying to leverage their position to profit through elitist investors from China. This is how business is often conducted in China, as the weak rule-of-law means connections matter more than anything. Of course, that’s not how someone being paid on the taxpayers dime should be acting.

This needs further investigation. While this instance may precede the current federal government, imagine how much more of these possible conflicts will take place as the Trudeau government seeks to sell us out to China. We can expect more politicians to leverage that for their own personal gain, at the expense of the integrity of our system. The only way to stop that from happening is for us to take a clear stand against it, and make certain that Canadian taxpayers won’t stand for our “leaders” using their positions in that unacceptable way.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – SK Caucus


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