At Least 10 People Killed In Barcelona Terror Attack

Terrorist crashes van into dozens of people, multiple deaths have been reported, attacker still on the run.

The latest reports are that at least 13 people have been killed after a driver ran down dozens of people in Barcelona, Spain. Others have said the death toll is near 10.

According to a Barcelona newspaper El Pais, the driver ran away on foot after the attack.

Authorities are referring to the event as a terrorist attack.

There are also reports that hostages have been taken in a Turkish restaurant.

No group has taken responsibility for the attack. A vehicle attack fits with the pattern of ongoing Islamist terror attacks in Europe, however, there are various separatist groups in the country that could be responsible.

Here’s what witness Ethan Spibey told Sky News:

“All of sudden it was real chaos. People just started running screaming, there were loud bangs. People just started running into shops, there was a kind of mini-stampede where we were, down one of the alleyways.”

Spibey then ran to a nearby church.

“They’ve locked the doors because I’m not sure whether the person who may have done it has actually been caught, so they’ve locked the doors and told people just to wait in here.”


At this time, the attacker is still on the run.

Spencer Fernando