Trudeau Gives $800 Million Navy Maintenance Contract To French Company

Rather than support a Canadian-owned company, the Trudeau government has awarded a big contract to Thales – a company headquartered in France.

An $800 million contract to maintain and repair new ships for the Royal Canadian Navy has been given to a French company.

The contract is going to two companies called Thales Canada and Thales Australia. However, both of those companies are simply subsidiaries of Thales – a multinational company headquartered in France.

In the wake of the announcement, there is already concern from the Union of National Defence Employees about job losses among national defence workers as vacancies are left unfilled. By contrast, the government is claiming 2,000 jobs will be created for Canadian subcontractors.

Contract should have gone to Canadian-owned company

The Trudeau government has made a big mistake once again in refusing an opportunity to support a Canadian-owned company. When taxpayer money is spent by the government, every possible effort should be made to ensure it goes towards Canadian companies. Additionally, military maintenance should certainly be handled within our country, rather than being dependent on a foreign multinational company.

Canada must start begin strengthening our homegrown national defence capacity, both to strengthen industry and knowledge within Canada, and secure our country in the long-term.

Spencer Fernando

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Why in France, we have Canadian-owned company here. Why we should losing $$ to French companies, we don’t know this company. It isn’t this odd?

Rick Churchill

Another instance of the Liberals’ selling out of the Canadian people to foreign interests. But they have proven time and again that they have no use for the Canadian people except to fund their Globalist aspirations.


Our PM obviously wants to be in the favours of Macron.

Denyse T Racine

Christine, please don’t ever refer to trudeau as OUR PM .. he is not my PM and a whole lot of other Canadians feel the same way … refer to him as your PM


Definitely he is not my PM. Just an error.


IQ80 and Macroni, Are cut from the same cloth and I would never consider either of them to be capable of the jobs they have been carelessly cast into.

Allan MacDonald

I didn’t vote for our prima donna either. I voted for his father and that was a mistake. I’d rather Harper any day!


Harper any day!


What else is new in the slowly disintegrating nation of Canada?


The LPC will no doubt receive donations from some circuitous route.Government contracts do not go to strange places because they are beneficial to the Canadian taxpayer. Bombardier gets $350 million loan which it didn’t need and the executives all get big bonuses some of those bonuses will undoubtedly find a home in the LPC war chest. China gets the red carpet into Canadian industry the Trudeau Foundation gets a great donation. I expect to see a Clinton Foundation donation make it’s way into Canada. Cynical? Recalling all the players of Adscam & the Gomery inquiry that really was a farce… Read more »


Trudeau has no use for Canada as we see once again. He kisses everybody in the ass, what a big PK he is


Thales used to be known as Alcatel and they have offices in Canada and employ many Canadians. The co. HQ is in France but they are a multi national company. I’m sure the many Canadians who will be involved with this project will be thrilled and will do a good job.


Thales Group has 64,000 employees worldwide. 1,800 people worked for Thales Group in Canada in 2015 while 28,739 people were employed by Thales Group in France. So about 2.8% of their workforce is in Canada so wow about 2,000 jobs will be created in Canada. It will totally change all the statistics. Right?


With the 600,000 new immigrants by the end of this year and from last year, the Thales Group jobs will cover everyone. Right?


Is it possible that no wholly owned Canadian company could meet the required specs? Is it possible that there was a Canadian bid that was several tens of millions of $$ higher? Ask more questions before you swallow this stuff whole.


So why don’t they say that? Be nice if for once he would explain why he spends our money like a kid in a candy shop.


I worked in the old Supply and Sevices Canada department. lowest cost had nothing to do with contract winning. the biggest thing was Quebec/french base and the hell with any other canadian bidder.


… possible … possibly … yeah yeah, try to pretend it’s not an outright “screw Canadian workers” scenario … it’s not working with me!! He has proven himself to be a Canada-hater — over and over — stop making excuses for the clown.

joe myers

THIS IS terrible what a way to treat your own people!!

Gary Towes

Now let’s all keep a watch on the donations to the Trudeau Foundation. We all know he didn’t do this for the Canadian people.

Wm R Goodwin

Yes Spencer complains when CDN companies given contract and when there not ?Also the details of the bids are unknown It is a global economy Spencer
Trudeau is a clown puppet I agree, but this is a meaningless article


Actually this article is a great eye opener about what’s happening economically in our country.


You think Bombardier was a bad case of corporate welfare. Have a look at GM USA, the canadian government gave them billions of dollars that were never paid back.


Spencer is the only person we can rely on for ” real ” information. Thank you Spencer.


Trudeau IS NOT a leader, he’s a traitor!
Did this project even go out to tender? Clearly it isn’t a ‘sole source’ job.
I think, as far as Trudeau is concerned, Canada no longer exists in his eyes. He already sees us as that ‘post national state in a one world order (globalization)’.
Has us in our grave before we’re dead!
Open border…… globalism
spending billions outside Canada……. Globalism
Selling important Cdn companies to China…… Globalism


I to think this is the Liberals plan. He is friends with Soros remember. Conservatives are no better just quieter.Its a good thing he only has 2 more years in office. I predict Liberals won’t be back for a very looong time. Between Wynn in Ontario, BC Clark/ Liberals & Federal Trudeau/Liberals they have ignored their obligations to our Canadian citizens…


I wonder if any Canadian companies bid on this work? We have large shipyards on both the east and west coast as well as Quebec, e.g. Irving Halifax Shipyard, Davie Shipbuilding in Quebec, Seaspan in B.C. etc. They build these vessels and I am sure that they can repair and maintain them in fact from what I have read the actual work will be subcontracted to these companies so why award the prime contract to THALES? Even if Canadian bids were a bit higher better to have the money stay in Canada instead of sending it to France. Knowing how… Read more »


maintenance contract for ships that do not exist yet, or may never exist. sadly Canada is headed down a rabbit hole we might not ever recover from.

Joyce Frost

I think it is terrible that our own PM is not looking out for Canadian interests! The jobs are needed in Canada! He uses our tax money like his own personal bank account, I am still wondering why he gave money to the Clinton foundation, it’s so wrong! He has no loyalty to the Canadian people.


I agree Joyce. He acts like a spoiled kid in a candy store. The worst part is he was voted in on a platform of lies & knew he was doing it. We need RECALL LEGISLATION added to our Constitution to make politicians ( Federal & Provincial ) accountable for their actions.


I swear Trudeau is trying to BANKRUPT Canada so we have to rely on foreign ( GLOBAL) companies to survive. How many companies in Canada have gone bankrupt, laid off 1000s of employees, moved out of Canada since Trudeaus been in office? That is a statistic I would love to know. He is friends with SOROS who is trying to make the world into one government. Think about it. He knows Canada is not doing well & yet he does this! Not to mention giving our money away to other countries. Mr. Big Shot who do you think you are?


Not me I have opened 3 more businesses and trippled my income. Staff has never been easier to hire with the abundance of punctual hard working non complaining immigrants in my area which is extremely refreshing compared to the usual call in sick Canadian employees I have hired in the past. I also Sold my houses for a historic record breaking price. Just enjoyed quick free health care at my local hospital last week. And now I’m off to enjoy a free day at the beach thanks to Justin Trudeaus free parks pass I received this year first time I… Read more »


I wonder how many aliases Dick uses.