Trudeau’s Refusal To Respect Canada’s Border Leads To 400% Increase In Illegal Crossings

The Trudeau government continues sending signals that our border remains weak and disrespected.

There was a massive 400% increase in illegal border crossings so far in August when compared to the same period in July.

Over 3,800 people have crossed the border illegally in the first two weeks of August.

Once again, the vast majority of crossings took place into Quebec.

Resources are being stretched far past the limit, with a stadium and abandoned schools being used to house illegal border crossers – things that the political elites never did for homeless Canadian citizens.

Make no mistake, we know this is because of Justin Trudeau’s refusal to respect our border, and his clear preference for garnering international headlines instead of doing what’s best for Canadians.

A manipulative game

The Trudeau government is playing a manipulative game. On the one hand, they send a few quiet government press releases saying that crossing the border is no guarantee of asylum. On the other, they do everything possible to make it easy to cross the border, and refuse to clearly repudiate the mistaken impression given by Justin Trudeau’s virtue-signalling tweets. This sends a signal that illegal border crossings can continue.

Canadians are seeing through Trudeau’s deceptions, as a new poll shows a majority of Canadians are turning against his handling of the border.

Clearly, Canadians realize that Justin Trudeau is refusing to respect Canada’s border, which reveals his disrespect for the laws and citizens of our country.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Canadians need to know that, it’s not just a matter of illegals crossing into Canada. That, on the surface, sounds simple, somewhat harmless to leftists.
The important issue now, for Canadians to know is, Trudeau is ALREADY looking at Canada as a “POST NATIONAL STATE” and NOT a sovereign nation.
Like the DICTATOR he is, he’s already forging ahead with HIS plans for Canada regardless of what Canadians want!!
WE WANT SOVEREIGNTY. We don’t want Trudeau.


Where is the opposition, why are none of the Provincial Leaders not standing together to oust this Clown

Chris T

Naturally those who must seek such sinister methods to enter our always welcoming nation have the least to offer back to Canada in terms of productivity, skills, capital investments, job creation, and such… oppositely it will usually require years of therapy and skill/language training to get to some form of self sufficiency, which is what we’re proudly here to help with…. the lucky, appreciative, and those of a decent moral compass, with genuinely good intentions, I welcome with open arms and heart. However this means we must obviously have a functional brain, capable of separating things good for ones self,… Read more »