Government Confirms One Canadian Killed, Four Wounded In Barcelona Terror Attack

The Canadian government has confirmed that one Canadian citizen was killed, and four Canadian citizens were wounded in the Barcelona terror attack reportedly perpetrated by Moussa Oukabir and other suspects including Said Aallaa, Mohamed Hychami, and Younes Abouyaaqoub.

ISIS has claimed responsibility for the attack.

Here’s what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a statement:

“It was with great sadness that I learned today that one Canadian was killed and four others injured during yesterday’s cowardly terrorist attack in Barcelona. Sophie and I offer our condolences to the families and friends in mourning, and hope for a speedy recovery for the injured Canadians.

“We join Spain and countries around the world in grieving the senseless loss of so many innocent people. We must stand firm against the spread of hate and intolerance in all its forms. These violent acts that seek to divide us will only strengthen our resolve.”

Of note, Justin Trudeau – and many other politicians – have not referred to the attack as being inspired by the radical Islamist ideology. That is a big mistake, because as many people have been saying, hate and violence must be strongly condemned. It’s important to be clear in that condemnation.

It is an unfortunate reality that the hateful and oppressive ideology of radical Islamism is a threat around the world. Our leaders need to show strength and have the courage to speak the truth. It is essential that the government here in Canada takes action to protect our country and our citizens, including working more closely with leaders in the Muslim community to combat extremism, and blocking those who left Canada to fight for ISIS from ever returning to the country.

To make that happen, our leaders must be tough and courageous. Vague statements and the same old cycle of sending condolences and then changing nothing isn’t good enough any more.

Spencer Fernando