Ontario Baptist Church Set On Fire & Vandalized With Pro-ISIS Graffiti

Where are the condemnations from our “leaders?”

A Baptist Church in Burlington, Ontario was set on fire Wednesday, in what authorities are calling a “suspicious” incident.

Disturbingly, the Church was then vandalized with pro-ISIS graffiti. Photos of the graffiti can be seen in the tweet below:


The historic portion of the Church was destroyed in the blaze.

Political “leaders” silent

While our political elites have been busy talking about events around the world, there has been disturbingly little attention or condemnation of what appears to be an ISIS-inspired arson of a Canadian house of worship.

Such attacks on places of faith need to be condemned, whether they happen at a Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple, or other place of religious worship.

There can be no place in Canada for acts of hate against any religious group, and our leaders must speak out strongly on this.

Yet, our politicians have been almost totally silent.

It’s a total failure of leadership on behalf of those who are supposed to stand up for the freedoms of all Canadians.

Spencer Fernando

Photo credit – @Media371 (Twitter)