LEADERSHIP: Scheer Condemns Arson & Pro-ISIS Graffiti Sprayed On Trinity Baptist Church While Trudeau Remains Silent

While Trudeau remains silent on this hatred towards a Canadian faith community, Andrew Scheer shows leadership by speaking out against it.

As I reported on Friday, the Trinity Baptist Church on Burlington, Ontario was set on fire, and then defaced with pro-ISIS graffiti.

As I said at the time, “While our political elites have been busy talking about events around the world, there has been disturbingly little attention or condemnation of what appears to be an ISIS-inspired arson of a Canadian house of worship. Such attacks on places of faith need to be condemned, whether they happen at a Church, Synagogue, Mosque, Temple, or other place of religious worship.”

So far, Justin Trudeau has shamefully remained silent, which is a total failure of leadership on his part.

By contrast, Andrew Scheer has now spoken out against the hateful arson and graffiti:

Scheer shows leadership

Andrew Scheer showed leadership by condemning what happened to the Trinity Baptist Church. Leaders must speak out against hate in all of it’s forms, and Scheer’s willingness to speak out is a huge contrast to Justin Trudeau’s refusal to say anything at all.

This was a test of leadership for both Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau. Andrew Scheer passed, Justin Trudeau failed.

Spencer Fernando

Photo credit – @Media371 (Twitter)


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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Lets not forget that Trudeau fails all the tests. He cant even answer a simple question in the House of Commons after being asked 20 times the same question. He is either in contempt or unable to hold his office due to being mentally incompetent.

J. Harris

Its not incompetence, its political impotence


It is not a mosque period.

J. Harris

This should be the perfect scenario to disembowel M103 of its egregious language.
Or, maybe we should replace “islamaphobia” with “christaphobia”. (there are more Christians in Canada discriminated against than Muslims)
Or, maybe we should just scrap it altogether as other lesser stated religious identities will become even greater targets as a result of its soft language.
Or, maybe we just need to raise our voices, shed our diminutive Canadian persona and take back our country, and we can do it without looking like the alt-left!
Let’s stop waiting for someone else to do it!

jack grandville

Both of the above comments describe the P.M. of this great country — if nothing else, he is an embarrassment beyond description. His contempt for Canadians and Canada and ‘daddy’ would be proud — like father, like son.

D. Jerome Hauk

Is Scheer just trying to get ahead of the parade? But then our clueless leader Justin might have difficulty locating the parade in the first place u less Gerald points him in the right direction.