Quebec City Police Declare Antifa Protest Illegal After Violence & Fires

Antifa protestors threw bottles at police and set fires, causing the protest to be declared illegal by law enforcement.

A protest against La Meute in Quebec City has turned violent, as Antifa protestors threw bottles at police and set things on fire.

As reported by CTV, “the anti-fascist group set off fireworks, lit a garbage can and a flag on fire, threw bottles at police and threw chairs.”

Below are tweets showing photos and videos from the protest:

La Meute protesters were unable to hold their protest until long after it was originally scheduled, despite having a permit from Quebec City to do so. They were stuck in a parking garage for hours – with those inside including elderly people and children. Exits to the garage were blocked by Antifa – despite Police orders for the Antifa demonstrators to disperse.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard condemned the violence and intimidation:

Spencer Fernando

Photo Credit: Claude Rivest – Twitter