Quebec City Police Declare Antifa Protest Illegal After Violence & Fires

Antifa protestors threw bottles at police and set fires, causing the protest to be declared illegal by law enforcement.

A protest against La Meute in Quebec City has turned violent, as Antifa protestors threw bottles at police and set things on fire.

As reported by CTV, “the anti-fascist group set off fireworks, lit a garbage can and a flag on fire, threw bottles at police and threw chairs.”

Below are tweets showing photos and videos from the protest:

La Meute protesters were unable to hold their protest until long after it was originally scheduled, despite having a permit from Quebec City to do so. They were stuck in a parking garage for hours – with those inside including elderly people and children. Exits to the garage were blocked by Antifa – despite Police orders for the Antifa demonstrators to disperse.

Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard condemned the violence and intimidation:

Spencer Fernando

Photo Credit: Claude Rivest – Twitter

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Anyone with their face intentionally hidden should have been arrested on the spot and got a minimum 7 days in jail.
Enough of this crap already — cops should start doing their job!


I would like to add that I got a report from my relatives this afternoon while it was happening in Quebec City. La Meute were forced by the mayor of Quebec City (La Beaulme) to go to an underground garage because he said that the an anti-fascist group was getting violent and were going crazy.It was close to noon then. La Meute, consisting of 500 people attending, were stuck in there til 5:30 pm /6:00 pm. The violent groups were Antifa and the liberals. Those 2 groups broke windows, attacked policemen and threw tear gas. The policemen WERE DOING NOTHING… Read more »


Bye the way those 2 groups, Antifa and the liberals, call themselves anti-racist. Now look who is violent! We now have the proof.


Antifa, doesn’t know the meaning of anti-racist. They appear at any rally regardless of what the rally is about! They are a totally violent group. Faces partly covered says it all!!!


Thanks for reporting the facts…the media won’t do it !

Phil Friesen – Quebec mayor tells right-wing group to leave; says they won popularity contest

Linda Querel

Exactly right


How about ruling antifa is a terrorist organization? and who is paying for them?


Currently there is a petition in the States to declare Antifa a terrorist group which they are. They have 146,000 signatures. By the way, Antifa is the group previously named Occupy. They are paid by George Soros.