REPORT: Interpol Says Toronto ISIS Supporter Is Potential Suicide Bomber

Tabirul Hasib is listed as one of 173 ISIS members who could be a threat to carry out suicide bomb attacks in the west.

A disturbing revelation first reported in Canada by Global News reveals that a 25-year-old Toronto man named Tabirul Hasib is listed as among 173 ISIS members who are a threat to commit suicide bomb attacks in the west.

According to the report, “The list was distributed amid concerns that, as ISIS collapses in Syria and Iraq, it will attempt to send waves of trained operatives to the West to conduct attacks.”

Additionally, “Terrorism researcher Prof. Amarnath Amarasingam, who found the Bangladeshi-Canadian on the list, said Interpol disseminated it because “they are scared of many of these guys sneaking into various countries to launch attacks.”’

Reportedly, Tabirul Hasib and a group of his friends were recruited to join ISIS in Toronto. Andre Poulin – an Ontario man who converted to Islam and adopted the name “Abu Muslim” – was the one who recruited Hasib.

Poulin was killed in Syria in 2013, and Hasib went to Syria in 2014.

According to Global, “Hasib’s ISIS entry form noted he was single, wanted to be a fighter and had previously traveled to Bangladesh and Lebanon. His “Shariah level” was rated as “student.”’

The Trudeau government has not officially confirmed the Interpol report about Hasib.

A reminder of the ongoing Jihadi threat

This revelation is a reminder of the ongoing threat of Jihadi terrorism. The violent and hateful ideology is anti-freedom, anti-women, anti-lgbt, anti-religious freedom, and anti-free speech. It remains a serious and dangerous threat to the world – including here at home in Canada. Our politicians must toughen up and have the courage to clearly speak out against Jihadi hate and violence, and stand up for our freedom and security.

Spencer Fernando


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