REPORT: Women Say Female Genital Mutilation Happening In Canada

It is unacceptable for this horrible practice to be taking place in Canada.

According to a recent report from the Toronto Star, “The first research of its kind to probe the practice within this tightly knit South Asian community, the study found that 80 per cent of Bohra women surveyed have undergone FGM and two of the study’s 18 Canadian participants said it happened within Canada’s borders.”

While some try to push the false notion that many are “choosing” to have FGM procedures, the study notes that all 18 Canadian Bohra women want FGM to stop, and would not have the procedure done on their daughters.

Unfortunately – and in large part because politically correct elites refuse to stand up for the rights of women – the practice continues. As noted by the Star, “The Dawoodi Bohras have recently made FGM-related headlines. A Detroit emergency room doctor charged in April with alleged performing of FGM on 100 young girls is a Dawoodi Bohra. The doctor, Jumana Nagarwala, is in jail awaiting trial. In 2016, a Dawoodi Bohra priest in Sydney, Australia, was convicted for his role in performing FGM.”

Disturbingly, many have said the “procedures” are often done with non-sterile tools, and so-called “doctors” lack any official skills or expertise.

The report points to the growing number of women in Canada who are hoping to have the procedure reversed, with 308 FGM reversals being conducted in Ontario in the past 7 years.

Pathetic government response

The response of the government has been pathetically weak, the government is still “examining” the issue. Of course, we know there’s no need for “examination.”

The government must clearly condemn the practice of FGM, and send a message that anti-women actions have no place in Canada. Unfortunately, the Trudeau government has gone in exactly the wrong direction.

Instead of doing more to stand up for women in the communities where FGM is taking place, the government took the terrible step of removing the condemnation of FGM from the new citizens guide.

This means an opportunity to clearly set out Canadian values has been missed, and it increases the likelihood that more women will be forced to have the procedure – even within our own borders.

It’s a clear example that despite calling himself a “feminist,” Trudeau fails to stand up for the rights of women when it really counts.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Twitter


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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J. Jamieson

Spencer; you’re performing a very valuable service to the women ( and men) of Canada, by bringing this gruesome procedure to the attention of the Canadian public. Canadian men surely don’t want their women to be sexual eunichs, which is what FGM creates. This is a barbaric practice, by any definition, in a progressive western nation. It steals a woman’s sexuality from her without her having any say in the matter, when she is a child. It underlines the fact that you can’t have a first world society if it’s populated with third world cultural values. Why the delay in… Read more »