SURVEY: Canadians Want Tough Scrutiny Of Goods From China

Despite efforts by corporate and political elites to push a propaganda campaign to change our views on China, Canadians still have serious concerns.

A survey by Nanos Research shows half of Canadians believe goods from China should be given the toughest scrutiny when entering into Canada. Meanwhile, 40% of Canadians want visitors from China to be given the most thorough questioning by customs officers.

Next on the list of countries Canadians were concerned about was Mexico, with 31% of Canadians wanting tough scrutiny of their goods coming into Canada.

As noted by the Globe & Mail, Canada’s corporate globalist elites are trying to change Canadian public opinion on China:

“The poll results come as corporations attempt to change Canadians’ opinions of the world’s second-biggest economy. Bankrolled by major corporations, the Public Policy Forum is leading a two-year campaign to persuade Canadians to embrace a free-trade deal with China.”

Canadians align most closely with Britain on human rights, and with the United States on business.

The survey also shows 51% of Canadians see our human rights approach as closest to that of Britain, with 25% saying it’s closest to Germany and 16% saying the United States.

When it comes to businesses values, 51% of Canadians see our approach as most similar to that of the United States.

Stand up for Canada’s interests, even if it leads to conflicts.

Another intriguing part of the survey – especially given how our “leaders” refuse to put the interests of our nation first – shows 62% of Canadians want Canada to follow our own interests, “even if it leads to conflicts with other nations.”

This shows a large majority in support of an approach that puts the interests of Canadians first – something the opposition would be wise to keep in mind.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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China`s exports are growing tremendously around the world and very much in Canada. China`s products are extremely inexpensive however Canada has had some pretty bad issues with products that contained unsafe components for humans and animals. We are facing a trade-off between inexpensive merchandise and lower safety. I believe that because of that, we will not be able to import as much as the current Liberal government wants. The chinese health standards are very different than our canadian ones. I think to bring it to par will just defeat the reason we are buying their products in the first place.

Sanctions until they get more involved with North Korea. It is thier problem also. AgainTrump was right to say that they should accept some responsibility