VIOLENT: Far-Left Antifa Assault Reporter & Smash Camera

At an extreme far-left protest in Quebec City that was declared illegal by police, Antifa attacked a reporter and cameraman.

While covering the protest, Global News reporter Mike Armstrong was pushed down the stairs, while cameraman Jean-Vincent Verveille was assaulted and had his camera destroyed.

Here’s what was tweeted about the incident:

As reported by Global, “Reporter Mike Armstrong, who was shoved down some stairs in the incident, tweeted that the attackers belonged to a violent group of anti-fascist protesters.”

The Senior VP of Global – Troy Reeb – issued a strong condemnation of the violence:

“We are disgusted and outraged by today’s unprovoked attack on a Global News crew covering demonstrations in Quebec City. While we are relieved that our journalists were not seriously hurt, Canadians should be concerned by this threat against the working of a free press. Our team was there to provide independent coverage and transparency as events unfolded – a goal clearly not shared by the thugs who shielded their identities in the commission of violence.”

Leaders must condemn Antifa violence

Peaceful protest is a core value of our society. The ability for people of all backgrounds and all beliefs to peacefully express their opinions is essential to living in a free country, and keeping it free.

However, there is a big difference between peaceful protest and violent demonstrations where our law enforcement officers and members of the media are attacked and threatened.

We cannot let our country descend into violence, and our leaders must strongly and unequivocally denounce this violence regardless of where it comes from. There can be zero tolerance for it, and we must ensure the defence of law and order and our freedom to live in a safe and peaceful country.

Spencer Fernando

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