WATCH: Trump Speech On U.S. Afghanistan Strategy

U.S. President Donald Trump gave a Prime Time address on the path forward for the United States in the Afghanistan War, rejecting “nation-building” and saying the focus will be on “killing terrorists.”

Afghanistan is the longest war in U.S. history, and the tide has turned in favour of the Taliban in recent years. With rising fears that Afghanistan will once again be a safe-haven for terrorism, the U.S. has been under pressure to make a decision on whether to expand their efforts or pull back from the country.

Watch the video below to see the direction the U.S. is heading in with their Afghanistan strategy:

Spencer Fernando

Photo – YouTube

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Donald Trump has the strategic patience and know how to indeed make deals ….making deals with democrats is not the REAL DEAL … this speech is a testimony to his willingness to adapt , listen to those who know ..(.no not the media) and , based on study …not whim , take what he deems appropriate action …so unlike the spineless idiot , theatrical nobody in Canada !!