Banning United Conservative Party From Calgary Pride Parade Is A Terrible Decision

Isn’t inclusiveness supposed to be inclusive?

According to recent polls, the newly formed United Conservative Party represents the views of more Albertans than any other party does.

And it’s not even close, with the UCP enjoying roughly double the support of the governing NDP.

With that in mind, the fact that the UCP wanted to march in the Calgary Pride Parade should be seen as something positive by the organizers of the event, and they should have been welcomed.

Unfortunately, the organizers chose to exclude the UCP from the event.

That is a terrible decision.

As UCP leadership candidate Brian Jean told the Calgary Herald, “This is all about uniting people and putting aside differences and divisiveness, and I’m just disappointed they took this position.”

Jean is 100% correct.

The parade could be a chance to rise above politics and show unity, and the UCP was attempting to participate in that. Blocking them sends a message of exclusion at an event that is supposed to be inclusive.

Like any political party, the UCP has people with different viewpoints and perspectives. With that in mind, the UCP’s wide-ranging support among Albertans means their presence marching in the parade represents a huge percentage of the province’s population.

Excluding that representation is totally opposite to the idea of including people of different perspectives in a common event, and it’s a bad decision that should be quickly reversed.

Spencer Fernando