Canada Must Sign On To Missile Defence Shield ASAP

The thing about conflict and international crises is that they aren’t predictable. Once a conflict is underway, it’s often too late to take meaningful defensive action.

That’s why we must operate with a “better safe than sorry” attitude.

When it comes to our national defence, that includes a ballistic missile defence shield.

In 2005, Canada chose not to sign up for the U.S. missile defence system. However, the rising threat of North Korea is causing some to rethink that decision.

As reported in the Hill Times, members of the House Defence Committee held emergency meetings on North Korea, and in a rare example of political agreement, unanimously voted to study Canada’s ability to defend ourselves in case of an attack from the North Korea regime.

The hearings will be held before Parliament returns on September 18.

No time to waste

Ottawa generally moves at a snails-pace, especially when it comes to strengthening our national defence. But with North Korea growing as a nuclear threat, there is no time to waste. The agreement across parties to study the issue must quickly become agreement to take action, and taking action means signing up for the missile shield.

Since we are already in NORAD, it is simply common-sense that we would extend our air defence cooperation with our U.S. ally to include defending against ballistic missiles.

In a dangerous world, delay means vulnerability, and we cannot leave our country vulnerable for a moment longer.

Spencer Fernando