REPORT: NDP Leadership Candidate Niki Ashton Rejects Endorsement From Alleged Holocaust Denier

Ashton issues statement issued after endorsement from Nazih Khatatba – who is accused of making terrible anti-Semitic comments, denying the Holocaust, and edited a newspaper that expressed support for a terrorist attack in which a Canadian was killed.

Niki Ashton – a candidate for leadership of the federal NDP – has rejected an endorsement from a newspaper editor accused of making horrible anti-Semitic statements.

As noted by the Canadian Press, B’nai Brith Canada – an organization that works to fight against anti-Semitism – “drew Ashton’s attention to what it says is Khatatba’s long history of anti-Semitism. The group says Khatatba has called Jewish suffering “a fairy tale” and has denied the extermination of millions of Jews by Nazis during the Holocaust.”

B’nai Brith brought Ashton’s attention to a photo Khatatba took with Ashton at a fundraiser hosted by the Palestine Aid Society. The CP says Khatatba has been sharing the photo on social media as an endorsement of Ashton, and gave Ashton an endorsement on the front page of an Arabic language newspaper that he edits.

B’nai Brith has also reportedly pointed out that Khatatba’s newspaper has supported terrorist acts “including a 2014 massacre at a Jerusalem synagogue in which one Canadian citizen was among those killed.”

This is quite disturbing, as Khatatba appears to be pushing a hateful anti-Semitic agenda, and shows a total hatred for Canada by supporting an attack in which a member of the Canadian family was killed.

To her credit, Ashton rejected the endorsement in a strongly worded statement:

A previous anti-Semitic took place in July, when a “pro-Palestinian” rally featured horrible anti-Semitic chants. Unfortunately, Canadian “leaders” were silent on that hateful event. That silence must end. We must speak out against hate no matter where it comes from, and those in power have a responsibility to do so with clarity and strength.

Spencer Fernando

Photo – Facebook