SEXISM: Trudeau Paying Female Consul-General Just 70% Of What Male Party Insider Makes For Doing The Same Job

Big salary for Liberal-insider Rana Sarkar compared to what a woman makes in the same job shows dishonesty of Trudeau’s deceptive “feminist” image.

Canada’s Consul-General in New York State Phyllis Yaffe was appointed by Justin Trudeau in 2016.

Yaffe is being paid a salary of between $153,600 and $180,600. Her posting in New York is seen as among the highest stature Canadian consular posts.

However, Justin Trudeau has recently appointed Rana Sarkar – a friend of top advisor Gerald Butts and party-connected insider – to the Consul-General job in San Francisco.

It’s the same job Yaffe has, and is even seen as less prestigious due to it’s location compared to New York.

And yet, Sarkar is being paid 30% more than Yaffe. His salary range (for the same job as Yaffe), is between $214,200 and $252,000.

This is a disgrace. First of all, Sarkar is being paid far above the official salary range, so taxpayers are being ripped off. Second, it is unacceptable for a female government employee to be paid far less money for doing the same job.

What makes this so outrageous is that the Trudeau government has full control over how much each person is paid, so they are willfully choosing to pay Sarkar way more than Yaffe.

So much for the “feminist” Trudeau

The pay differential between Sarkar and Yaffe shows once again that Justin Trudeau’s talk of being a “feminist” is all for show. As we’ve already seen, his refusal to speak out against FGM, his planned removal of warnings against honour killings and barbaric anti-women practices from the new citizen guide, and his refusal to speak out for women’s rights in all but the safest and most politically correct spaces, makes it abundantly clear that Justin Trudeau is all talk and no action when it comes to standing up for the rights of women in Canada.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

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