Andrew Scheer Is The Down-To-Earth Leader Canada Needs To Defeat Trudeau

As more and more Canadians are realizing, headlines in the international press and endless photo-ops don’t help keep our country safe or help Canadians pay the bills. Substance and humility still matter.

We live in a very superficial era. Many so-called “leaders” are more like mascots than anything else. They show up for events, take photos, spout a few canned lines, and then move on to the next event while real problems go unsolved.

And while we know this is part of any leaders duties, there are serious consequences when it takes precedence over all else.

That’s what’s happening with Justin Trudeau.

Not only is he constantly travelling outside the country and going to one photo-op after another, but his superficial image covers up for an agenda that is enriching the elites at the expense of the rest of Canadians.

Under Trudeau’s “leadership,” our border is weak, our economy is fragile, taxes are rising, regulations are choking opportunity, debt is rising, and the government grows more out-of-touch every day.

By contrast, Andrew Scheer is a very different person than Trudeau. He is more substance than style, and has a much more humble attitude than the self-aggrandizing scion in the PM’s office.

That’s part of why Scheer faces a difficult path to power, and it’s also why Canada needs him to win.

No leader is even close to perfect, and Scheer is no exception. He is currently being criticized for his flip-flop on defending free speech at universities, and we should all hold leaders accountable for their mistakes – even when we support them.

That said however, Scheer has still shown far more courage than Justin Trudeau in just a short time – including denouncing the arson of a Baptist Church in Burlington that was then defaced with pro-ISIS graffiti. Trudeau remained silent, while Scheer spoke out.

Unlike Trudeau – who was gifted the leadership of a political party based upon his last name and the power of a family dynasty – Scheer worked his way up from humble origins. He became the youngest Speaker of the House of Commons in Canadian history.

Scheer worked for what he achieved, instead of inheriting much of it.

He has also consistently advocated for low taxes, limited government intervention, and a respect for taxpayers. Again, this is a huge contrast to Justin Trudeau, who wants to concentrate power and wealth in the hands of himself, the government, and his global elite buddies.

Scheer has a down-to-earth attitude, while Trudeau is arrogant and elitist.

Of course, we know that Scheer faces one significant disadvantage: Much of the media is against him, and his style is less “ratings friendly” than Trudeau’s. Also, while some reporters are in fact quite balanced in their reporting efforts (even if they fit the demographic profile of Liberal voters), there is significant pressure from the heads of the big media owners to push coverage in a pro-Trudeau direction. After all, they want Trudeau to bail them out.

And, we also know that much of the CBC clearly wants Trudeau to win the next election, particularly since they fear lower levels of funding if the Conservatives are elected.

I write all of this to point out the importance of understanding the difficult path facing Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives, and the importance of having perspective on his leadership. He is certainly going to do things that many people disagree with, and at times some people may feel betrayed. I will not hesitate to criticize him when that criticism is warranted.

But we need to remember that just because Scheer may make a mistake or move in a tactical direction we disagree with, doesn’t mean he is somehow a “Trudeau clone.” 

Clearly, Scheer and Trudeau are very different, and the contrast between a down-to-earth leader and the arrogant elitist Trudeau could not be more clear.

Substance and humility still matter

Despite inevitable mistakes and bumps along the road, we know that Canada needs Andrew Scheer to defeat Justin Trudeau. The success of our nation depends on it.

Spencer Fernando


The elites want to hide their many failures behind political correctness, deception, and manipulation. We need to push back and spread the truth.

That’s why I write.

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